Rebuilding India with Muslim Youth’s Help

India accounts for about one-sixth of humanity. It is a young nation in many respects. According to the United Nations, India has the world’s largest youth population. We have 356 million youth (10-24-year olds) who constitute 28 per cent of … More


Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah From Reformasi Movement to...

By Dr. Zeenath Kausar On September 20, 1998, hooded police rushed to the house of ex-Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim and arrested him. When two of her daughters tried to stop the police, a machine-gun was put on … More


Bridging the Generation Gap

By SAMIHA SIDDIQUI To understand the existence of a generational gap, one need look no further than their own family. Those worried parents who suddenly find their teens eat, dress and speak differently and know less than what their social … More


Modi Sarkar’s Communal agenda

By Ram Puniyani The coming to power of Narendra Modi in 2014 gave a signal to the fringe groups that now it is their Government and they can get away with their hate speeches and actions with ease. It was … More


How to Prevent Juvenile Delinquency

By DR. PARVEZ MANDVIWALA Child is the father of Man. This line by William Wordsworth is so profound that it has made its way to the list of cherished English idioms. A paradox at first sight, but an ocean of … More


Philippines’ ‘Islamic Capital’ in Ruins

  An ISIS-inspired militant group seized Marawi, the predominantly Muslim city in southern Philippines, in May last year. The siege triggered fierce battles between the militants and the country’s armed forces, leaving hundreds dead and thousands displaced. A year later, … More


Are Children not Studying because They are not Afraid o...

By Thouseef Madikeri In 2016, the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) decided to withdraw no detention policy. Many State Governments also proposed the same. The reason behind the inclusion of No Detention Policy in RTE – 2009 was to … More


Sixth Schedule and Ethno-Exclusive Policy

By Jahidul Islam Khan Numerous people of various communities and tribal groups with different religions, languages, cultures, creeds, races, ethnicities, castes, professional ranks, social positions, educational statuses and age groups have been living in North-East India for many hundreds of … More


Altogether a Challenging Task

By PROFESSOR MAZHAR QAIYUM The principal component of an organisation is its human resource or the men who are at work. People at work comprise a large number of individuals having biological differentiations like age, sex, height, colour, etc. and … More


Youth and Popular Culture

By Fasiha Shaikh Popular culture is the common interest of a population, the tastes in food, fashion, entertainment and socio-political perspectives of the ordinary members of society as opposed to those of the educated elite.    This culture is very … More


The New Fad in Indian Politics

By PACHU MENON It becomes extremely difficult to understand how the Mahatma’s sage words that “what is morally wrong cannot be politically correct” could be interpreted so as to equate two aspects of the ‘philosophical truth’ of the politics of … More


Status of Share Stocks

By DR. WAQUAR ANWAR [Our column, Question-Answer intends to serve the readers in case anyone of them has some real-life question to ask. Readers are welcome to email their queries at] Question: What is the status of the securities … More


A Month of Condoning and Forgiving!

By Farheen Shah Yes, I was mentally disturbed by someone’s sarcastic remarks. Yes, I wanted to embed myself to some place unknown and oblivious to the eyes of people, when I was ridiculed for the mistakes I was not accountable. … More


Start-up for a Cause

By Syed Azharuddin Potential has no limits because these children are different but not less – Mohsina Mirza A girl from Lucknow, who studied in a convent school, later with an ambition to explore the world went to England in … More


Youth Activism A Game Changer

By Firasha Shaikh Youth activism is the engagement of youth in the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change. Usually it is observed that youth activism is comparatively more issue-oriented than traditional partisan … More


Youth Perception towards Religion and Ethics

By Juveria Iram Youth are backbone of the nation. They can change the future of society with their well-being and courageous behaviour. They are filled with immense aspirations. It will be a great wastage of human resources if youths are … More


Youth in Numbers

By Arshad Shaikh A wise man once said: “Numbers constitute the only universal language”. In order to understand and appreciate the theme of this special issue “Youth Power: Hopes & Challenges” it would be prudent to look at some statistics … More


Islam and Youth Power

By Nazrana Darvesh Islam is the only way of life prescribed by Allah since the beginning of the universe. It was the Religion and way of life of all the Prophets from Prophet Adam to the last Prophet Muhammad (peace … More


Reigniting the Fire of Camaraderie

By Moin Qazi By no means shall you attain righteousness, unless you give of that which you love. (Al Qur’ān 3:92) The idea that helping others is part of a meaningful life has been around for thousands of years. For … More


Trust a Must to Bring the Desired Change: Nooh Siddiqui

MOHD NOOH SIDDIQUI, son of a bakery shop owner (Mohd Shoeb Siddiqui) in Aurangabad by qualifying UPSC with 326 rank has not only made his family proud but also the place where he belongs to because he has created history … More


Proper Use of Technology by Youth is the Biggest Challe...

SHAIKH SALMAN PATEL, son of a small farmer at Phulambri town in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, achieved the pinnacle of academic excellence by qualifying UPSC with Rank 339. After Independence he is the only person in the entire family to … More


How can You Profess Something You Simply don’t Believ...

By Stefan Czelutsa I was Roman Catholic. I was an altar boy in high school. I sang in the choir. I participated in church-related plays. My mother was the choir master, and my father played the guitar. We spent hours … More



ISI ‘agent’ from Uttarakhand held for spying In a joint operation, the Uttarakhand Police and Uttar Pradesh’s Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) arrested a man from Pithoragarh on May 23 for allegedly acting as an Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agent and passing on … More



Israeli banks financing illegal settlements Many of Israel’s largest banks are providing financial services that help support, maintain and expand illegal settlements by funding their construction in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a report released … More



Kairana has Sown the Seed for 2019 Polls After Karnataka the BJP gets second reminder of the opposition unity from Kairana in UP. In the by-poll results the opposition parties won 11 of the 14 assembly and Lok Sabha seats. … More