• TWO-CHILD POLICY - A Recipe for Demographic Disaster

    25 Jul 2021 |

      By Soroor Ahmed   Without questioning the political motive and timing of the new population policy of the Bharatiya Janata Party one can easily say that it is based on outdated view and may in the long run compound … More

Are We Rushing towards the Road to Anarchy?

    The moral, social, economic and political conditions of our country are degrading very fast. The main reasons for this unfortunate situation are the policies of the ruling dispensation. They have neither vision nor broadmindedness. They do not understand … More


Two-Child Law: Not Just Muslims, Lower C...

  By Dr. Javed Jamil   Two-child policy imposition through law appears to be the latest agenda of BJP state governments. After ban on “Love Jihad”, this appears to be another attempt to ensure that the domination of Hindus, especially … More


Pew Study on Religion in India

  By Arshad Shaikh   The Pew Research Centre, a highly respected American thinktank released findings of its biggest survey conducted outside the United States. The report titled ‘Religion in India: Tolerance and Segregation’ immediately made headlines in our country … More


The Road to True Success

  By Syed Akbar Hassan   The Qur’ān (24: 51-52) says: “The response of believers, whenever they are summoned to Allah and His Messenger in order that he may judge between them, is none other than, ‘We have heard, and … More


A Blatant Manifestation of Hate

By Mohd. Naushad Khan   Misogynists and hate-mongers are the two sides of the same coin. In modern terminology, hate has become a powerful tool to vitiate social fabric with certain motives aimed to demean, denigrate and defame a community … More


Nobel Laureate Dr. Ronald Ross - His Res...

  By Mohammad Yacoob   Dr. Ronald Ross received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1902 for his outstanding achievement in unlocking the mystery of the malaria fever. He did his research on malaria in Secunderabad-Deccan (the twin … More


Inside India 25-July-2021

IS ‘COLONIAL-ERA’ SEDITION LAW STILL NEEDED: SC The Supreme Court on July 15 issued a notice to the Centre on pleas challenging the constitutional validity of the ‘colonial-era’ sedition law. The Chief Justice of India asked if the “law which … More


Muslim World 25-July-2021

  BARCELONA REFUSES TO PLAY IN JERUSALEM, MATCH SCRAPPED Israel’s Beitar football club cancelled a friendly match with FC Barcelona over the latter’s refusal to play in the occupied city of Jerusalem. Palestinians accuse the fans of the Beitar Jerusalem … More


Indian Photojournalist Danish Siddiqui K...

  Danish Siddiqui, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Indian photojournalist who worked for Reuters news agency, was killed while covering a clash between Afghanistan forces and Taliban fighters at Spin Boldak in the southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan on July 15. He … More


Gleanings of Arabic Press 25-July-2021

  Crisis in Lebanon: Int’l Interests and Threats   There is a newly found global craze regarding the crisis in Lebanon which did not have any precedence for 150 years. It has surfaced in the form of international humanitarian intervention … More


Readers' Pulse 25-July-2021

  Sedition law must go lock, stock and barrel Sedition law must go lock, stock and barrel. Why? There is ever rising widespread misuse of this colonial law, which was used to suppress the freedom movement. It is ironical that … More


Take Immediate, Strong Action against Mi...

  Immediate and strong actions should be taken by authorities against misuse of the pictures of women journalists, activists and students by a website. It cannot be treated as a cybercrime; it is a deliberate act to discourage and scare … More


The Violent Convulsion will be Awesome

    By Sikandar Azam   In our practical life, we come across many things covered under layers of doubts and uncertainties. This may be true, for instance, to the question about the span of life one may have or … More