Rohingya Muslims Tortured, Displaced and Desperate

They present the worst example of the failures of the 21st century civilized world and a sad commentary on the worst human rights violations. It was in August 2017 when their ordeal in Rakhine State of Myanmar started in the … More


For the flood-stricken people of Kerala

Dear brothers and sisters! You must be aware that Kerala is witnessing the greatest calamity in its history. It has been struck by a tragic disaster that has already taken the lives of more than 400 people and rendered over … More


It’s Responsibility of Muslims to Come Forward, Impro...

Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, while delivering the Eid al-Adha sermon at Masjid Ishaat-e-Islam in the capital on August 22, said: “The situation in the country today is the same as it was prevailing at the time of … More


No Alcohol is Safe to Drink, Global Study Confirms

A large new global study published in the Lancet has confirmed previous research which has shown that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption! The researchers admit moderate drinking may protect against heart disease but found that the risk … More


Government Schemes Introduced to Budding Entrepreneurs

The Rifah Chamber of Commerce and Industry successfully organised a seminar on Government Schemes for SMEs (SC/ST & Minorities), which was overwhelmingly supported by TSSIA & COSIA. Prominent speakers of different government departments like MSME/DI (Mumbai), National Small Industries Corp., … More


Spirit of Freedom Struggle can Counter the Present Chal...

By our staff reporter Civil society, social and human rights activists, academicians and political leaders gathered to mark one decade of Kandhamal violence and riots in the national capital on August 25. They were also to remember pain and suffering … More


Kuldip Nayar, Who Worked for Regional Peace and Progres...

By SYED NOORUZZAMAN India’s most celebrated journalist of our times, Kuldip Nayar, strongly believed in using his ability and position to remain involved in the causes dear to him. Nayar, who died in New Delhi on August 23 at a … More


Attack on Swami Agnivesh, Attack on Free Speech

  By Dr. Siraj Ur Rahman Swami Agnivesh, a well-known social reformer and human rights activist, was attacked on August 17, 2018, in Delhi when he visited the BJP headquarters to pay his last respects to the former Prime Minister … More


Self-Respect – Unknown to Most of Our Present-Day Pol...

By M.S. Qais There was a time when our politicians used to give much importance to self-respect. And, that’s why they respected others too. This feature has gradually vanished from the character of most of our present day politicians. Undoubtedly, … More


Bringing Turkey to Its Knees

  By ABDEL BARI ATWAN US President Donald Trump has escalated his economic war on against Turkey and its president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to a new and more aggressive level. On Friday (August 10) he announced he was doubling tariffs … More


Gaza without Cancer Medicine as Haley Blames Arabs for ...

By Ramzy Baroud On Sunday August 12, news from Gaza was distressing: The Ministry of Health announced that it would no longer be able to treat cancer patients in the Israel-besieged Strip. “Colon and lung cancer, as well as lymphoma … More


Early Warning System, Prompt Police Action can Curb Rio...

  JOHN DAYAL, a renowned social and human rights activist, is Member of the National Integration Council and former President of All India Catholic Union. He is also the founder secretary-general of the All India Christian Council. He has also … More


INSIDE INDIA 02-sep-2018

KERALA FLOOD MUST BE DECLARED A NATIONAL CALAMITY: JIH Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has demanded that the huge flood in Kerala must be declared a national disaster. In a statement on August 18, Jamaat Ameer, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari said, “Heavy rain … More


MUSLIM WORLD 02-sep-2018

MORE THAN 2M MUSLIMS PERFORMED HAJJ PILGRIMAGE Nearly two million Muslims from all around the world began the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia on August 19. “Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik” (I come to you, Oh my Lord, I come to … More


Advocate Pulikool Abubackar is No More

Advocate Pulikool Abubackar, Vice Chairman of Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR), passed away at a private hospital in Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala on August 25. His body was laid in repose at the High Court of Kerala from 2:30 … More


READERS' PULSE 02-sep-2018

Challenges Before 2019 There is no doubt that the democratic space is diminishing each passing day. Anyone who dares to question Government policies or raises his voice is called anti-national. This is a very dangerous trend and it is good … More


Kuldip Nayar was a Pillar of Democracy and Communal Har...

Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, President Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, on August 23, condoled the demise of renowned journalist and human rights activist Kuldip Nayar. The Jamaat chief, in a statement, said: “We offer our condolences at the sad demise of Kuldip Nayar. … More