• There’re External and Internal Challenges to Personal Laws: JIH

    23 Apr 2017 |

      MOHAMMAD NAUSHAD KHAN reports a symposium on Gender Justice and Family Laws at JIH headquarters on 16 April. “There are both external and internal challenges. The external challenges we are facing are from the governments, judiciary and people who … More

Much Ado about Tripe Talaq

The right wing forces have woven a controversy around instant triple talaq, projecting a concocted narrative to impress upon the large segments of masses that the practice of triple talaq is rife in the Muslim society. The Bharatiya Muslim Mahila … More


Political Parties should Be Demonstrably Democratic: Ja...

By OUR STAFF REPORTER Political parties cannot be dictators internally and democratic in their functioning outside. They need to be demonstrably democratic in their functioning and without electoral reforms our democracy will not be in fact but only in name.” … More


Promoting Entrepreneurship Development and Uplifting So...

5th Micro and Small Business Summit on Import & Export in Mumbra Concluded Successfully   We have been making continuous efforts to change the stereotypical opinion about Mumbra,” said Abdussalam Malik while addressing the press gathered to cover the 5th … More


NASA Finds Conditions for Life on Saturn’s Moon

NASA scientists have discovered key ingredients for life in geysers on the surface of Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, the space agency said on 13 April. The data was collected by the Cassini spacecraft that has been orbiting Saturn since 2004. Scientists … More


JIH Maharashtra Bags Best Short Film Award

The film Boond Boond Zindagi made on water scarcity by Media Production of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maharashtra has been awarded the best short film award by the 21st All India Children Audio Video Film Festival. The film festival which was conducted … More


Hand, Tongue & Heart Theory of Forbidding Evil

By SYED KAZIM Man is very forgetful and makes a lot of mistakes. His own self (nafs) tells him to do evil and then Satan tempts him to commit sins. Because of the diseases in the heart and soul people … More


PALESTINE RETOLD Palestine’s Tragic Anniversaries Are...

By RAMZY BAROUD For Palestinians, 2017 is a year of significant anniversaries. While historians mark May 15th as the anniversary of the date on which Palestinians were expelled from their historic homeland in 1948, the fact is the ethnic cleansing … More


The More I Read, the More Amazed I was

By WILLIAM My name is William, and I live in a large Midwestern city in the United States. I am a typical American in many ways that are reflected in both my professional and personal lives. Professionally, I am a … More


INSIDE INDIA 23-apr-2017

MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW BOARD OPPOSES UNIFORM CIVIL CODE The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has opposed the implementation of uniform civil code (UCC). A delegation of over a dozen members of the board met Law Commission Chairman Justice (retd) … More


MUSLIM WORLD 23-apr-2017

TURKISH REFERENDUM ENDS IN VICTORY FOR YES With almost all the ballots counted in Turkey’s historic constitutional referendum on 16 April, Yes won with 51.34 per cent of the vote. As of 9.25 p.m. (1825GMT), unofficial results showed Yes with … More


READERS' PULSE 23-apr-2017

Muslim Personal Law should Continue to Be in Existence in Our Country Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu’s recent statement that “like Hindu society which abolished practices like child marriage, dowry and sati, Muslims should mull over putting an end to the … More


Hindutva-Corporates Coalition Real Challenge Confrontin...

By OUR STAFF REPORTER Author and academician Aditya Nigam said the coalition of Hindutva and Corporates is the real challenge confronting India. This coalition emerged as the secular parties have failed in delivering their promises. He was addressing a pubic … More


Media should Give Positive Direction to Muslim Personal...

By OUR STAFF REPORTER Muhammad Jafar, convener of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s Muslim Personal Law Awareness Campaign, while addressing the Orientation Programme for Muslim Journalists, said the role of media in this campaign is very important because media is capable of giving … More


JIH, SDPI Visit Village of Pehlu Khan, Demand Justice t...

A high-level delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) on 10 April visited Jaisinghpur village of Mewat in Haryana’s Nuh district and expressed sympathy with the relatives and family of Pehlu Khan, who was killed in Alwar by cow vigilantes recently. The … More