Treat Mobocracy as a Separate Offence

That politics is a dirty game played on Machiavellian principles had been never as true as we find it nowadays. Gone are the days when our leaders used not to justify any wrongdoing on the part of the government or … More


UN Urges Egypt to Free Qaradawi’s Daughter and Son-in...

The UN human rights office has urged Egypt to free the daughter of an Islamic scholar and her husband who have been held without a formal charge since June 30. Ola al-Qaradawi is the daughter of Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a leading … More


Assam – a Lab of Experiments

By SYED AZHARUDDIN It’s better that 10 guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted. The statement is so famous that it makes every sensible human being forgive the mistakes of others. However, the same is worthless … More


Alienation of the Minorities

By MUCHKUND DUBEY Since the BJP-led government under the leadership of Narendra Modi came to power at the Centre in 2014, the country has been sinking into multi-pronged degradation. The minority communities, particularly the Muslims, have never felt as insecure … More


Political Democracy should Be Based on Social Democracy...

  By OUR STAFF REPORTER I am concerned as a citizen about the contemporary debate in our country relating to free speech. First, the principles of ideological foundations of the Republic of India; secondly, what is the condition of the … More


Lynching – Rule and Order of the Day

By M.S. Qais Lynching is an affront to the rule of law and to the exalted values of the Constitution. We may say without any fear of contradiction that lynching by unruly mobs and barbaric violence arising out of incitement … More


Indian Muslim Mindset Changing in Positive Direction: S...

By our staff reporter The findings of the study are significant as it reveals a positive trend within the Muslim community and therefore sets an agenda for the next decade. For Muslims, as per the findings, education is the most … More


Pyaar versus Ahankar Titanic Clash in the Making

By Dr Javed Jamil Though the Modi Government won the confidence vote, which was a foregone conclusion, it was Rahul Gandhi who stole the thunder. First with his fiery speech, then his now historical hug of the Prime Minister and … More


‘Be Grateful, and I’ll Give You More’

By Syed Akbar Hassan She opens her wardrobe. Two dozen dresses – red, yellow, orange, pink, and you-name-it – are hanging there. After a cursory glance, she bangs the door shut. “Mom, I have nothing to wear for the party,” … More


Justice Sachar Used to Be Hurt on Lynching Incidents: S...

  AKSHAY BHANDARI is the grandson of Justice Rajinder Sachar. Bhandari is a lawyer practising in Trial Court and Delhi High Court mainly and also in the Supreme Court. He completed his LLB from Amity University. In an interview with … More


Justice Sachar was True Representative of Spirit of the...

  IT-Kanpur alumnus, DR MOHAMMAD SALIM ENGINEER, is presently Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. He has done PhD in 4G mobile communication technology and was former Head of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Malviya National Institute of … More


INSIDE INDIA 29-jul-2018

Jamaat condemns attack on Swami Agnivesh The President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari strongly condemned the attack on Swami Agnivesh in Jharkhand. In a statement on July 19, Maulana Umari said: “We strongly condemn the heinous and cowardly … More


MUSLIM WORLD 29-jul-2018

Evacuations begin from Syria’s Quneitra province Hundreds of people were evacuated from Syria’s southwestern Quneitra province to opposition-held parts of Idlib on July 20, in line with an agreement between the Assad regime and armed opposition groups. Under the terms … More


READERS' PULSE 29-jul-2018

We must Learn from Modern Nations The cover page of Radiance Viewsweekly of 15-21 July 2018, entitling, High Hopes and Broken Promises, along with our PM’s photo, looking back at four years of the NDA Government, is par excellence!  And … More