Family: The Basic Institution of Society

    It was one to two lakh years back that Almighty Allah created Adam and Eve as the first couple on earth. The first brick of civilization was laid with the formation of a family, with a husband and … More


Obstacles in the Way of a Strong Family ...

  By Asiya Shaikh   O’ Mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, honourable of you with Allah is that [believer] who … More


The Crumbling Institution of Family

  By Kayenat Khan   The Oxford Dictionary defines family as, ‘A group consisting of one or more parents and their children and their close relations’. A family is a crucial institution which shapes an individual’s personality. One cannot deny … More

Family Imbalance

Family Imbalance Dangerous to Social Coh...

  By Syed Azharuddin   The reconstruction of society based on justice is the need of an hour. In present times, most of the bills passed in Parliament are against the citizens of the country, whether they are farm bills … More

Ideal Family

Ideal Family: The Example of the Househo...

  By Khan Yasir   He has prescribed for you the religion which He enjoined upon Nuh and which We revealed to you (O Muhammad), and which We enjoined upon Ibrahim and Musa and Isa, commanding: Establish this religion and … More

Inevitability of Nikah

Inevitability of Nikah for a Healthy Soc...

  By Ayesha Sultana   Many do not see anything good in marriage except sexual intercourse and the bearing of children, which they consider a mere disturbance, and wastage of time and money. Marriage is a socio-moral institution and serves … More


Just Monetising Husband-Wife Relationshi...

    By Soroor Ahmed   Though the demand that the housewife should be paid for domestic work is not new and was first raised in the modern period in 1970s in the United Kingdom and subsequently in the United … More


The Art of Heading a Family

  How to balance between controlling, disciplining and not suffocating children   By Arshad Shaikh   The basic responsibility for the person heading a family is to sustain it financially and make provisions for food, clothing, shelter and other basic … More


The Partnership of Husband and Wife in I...

  By Firasha Shaikh   In contemporary times there has been renewed interest in the issues of family system and the relationship between spouses and their implications for society at large. There are very strong and varied perspectives on these … More


The Institution of Family will Determine...

  By Mohd. Naushad Khan   The institution of family is an important component of society. The way we shape up our family will be reflected in our society and eventually it would turn out to be an image mirror … More


Family Conflicts can be Resolved Only by...

  By Syed Akbar Hassan   Since Allah, the Exalted, has urged us to take good care of our families, He has also impressed upon us the need to maintain the family foundation, which is the basis of society. The … More


Cartoon 14-Feb-2021

Sunnah way for Marriage is the key to success…


‘Do patriarchal-cleansing from interpr...

  PROF. (DR.) ZEENATH KAUSAR is India-born scholar of repute based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has taught at the International Islamic University Malaysia and at Qatar University. Her specialisation includes Islamic and Western political thought, feminism and gender studies, … More


Inside India 14-Feb-2021

PRINCE OF ARCOT RECEIVES ARABIC THIRUKURAL CD FROM CM Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami on February 1 released the ‘Thirukural’ Arabic audio CD, which was received by the Prince of Arcot Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, at the Secretariat. According to … More


Muslim World 14-Feb-2021

AHRC CALLS FOR RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS IN MYANMAR The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) calls on all governing parties in Myanmar and on the military, which took over the rule of the country from elected civilians, to protect the … More


Readers' Pulse 14-Feb-2021

United We Stand – Divided We Fall “United we stand – divided we fall”. It is an old English proverb that has been taught by teachers to pupils in schools. It is one of the best proverbs. People can do … More


Islamic Family System can Save Families,...

  Mrs. Rahmathunnissa is National Co-Secretary of Ladies Wing, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, and In-Charge of the 10-day (February 19-28, 2021) national campaign “Strong Family Strong Society” organised under Ladies Wing of the Jamaat. In an interview, she said: If people make … More


Let’s Restructure Society on Healthy Footing

By Sikandar Azam   God created man in the best mould, distinguished him from other living creatures, and blessed him with wisdom and ability, knowledge and insight to differentiate truth from falsehood, right from wrong, fact from myth, etc. (The … More