• High Potency Booster Dose for Economy

    5 Nov 2017 |

    By DR. WAQUAR ANWAR The infusion of 2.11 lakh crore over a period of two years in Public Sector Unit Banks is basically meant for increasing their lending capacity. This is expected that this will increase private investment, regenerating economy … More

  • Drastic Measures Required, Capitalisation and Infra Push Not Enough

    5 Nov 2017 |

    MOHAMMAD NAUSHAD KHAN talks to economists like Dr. Shariq Nisar and Prof. Arun Kumar on the present state of economy. Economy is the backbone of a healthy nation. Various social and economic indicators, national and international indices reveal the health … More

  • The Fits and Starts of India’s Economy

    5 Nov 2017 |

    There are many economic problems that India is facing and which it must confront and find solutions to if it wants to join the league of prosperous and advanced nations, opines Arshad Shaikh Among all the economic indices through which … More

India Belongs to Whom?

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has recently said that Hindustan (India) is “a country of Hindus”. India our motherland is very dear to all of us who are born here. Our wellbeing and welfare lies in peace, progress and prosperity of … More


Ibn Musa AL-Khwarizmi

PROF IRFAN SHAHID presents a brief introduction of a great Muslim Mathematician of the 8th century who transformed Mathematics from digit to letter and gave a pragmatic dimension to the science of mathematics The name of al Khwarizmi has become … More


Fact-Finding Report Exposes How Police Shielding Accuse...

By OUR STAFF REPORTER A fact-finding report exposed how the police is shielding the accused of Pehlu Khan lynching. The report points out the contradictions in the police narrative and deliberate attempt being made by the police to weaken the … More


The Qur’ān and the Gospel of Barnabas on Some Common...

By MUHAMMAD ABDUS SAMAD The Bible consisting of the Old Testament and the New Testament is regarded as the canonical Bible by the church. But there are more than a dozen gospels rejected by the church; and they are known … More


Triangle Theory of Training and Task

  In the light of the initial ayahs revealed in the Qur’ān, Syed Kazim presents how reading and performing Tahajjud Salah make us intellectually and spiritually strong enough to face the challenges while performing the task in the way of … More


THIS ISN’T NATIONAL UNITY Hamas and Fatah Must Transf...

By RAMZY BAROUD The reconciliation agreement signed between rival Palestinian parties, Hamas and Fatah, in Cairo on October 12 was not a national unity accord – at least, not yet. For the latter to be achieved, the agreement would have … More


INSIDE INDIA 05-nov-2017

‘RAJASTHAN ORDINANCE VIOLATES FREE SPEECH’ The International Press Institute on 27 October called upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi to direct the Rajasthan government to negate the controversial ordinance and withdraw the bill that bars the media from reporting allegations of … More


Turkey ‘Gate of Hope’ for Oppressed: Erdogan

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on 28 October called Turkey a “gate of hope” for the oppressed people and victims in the world. “Today, the gate of hope for all the oppressed people and victims in the world is Turkey. … More


Somalia Sacks Spy Agency, Police Chiefs after Blasts

The Cabinet sacked the chiefs of national intelligence agency and police following 28 October’s deadly bomb blasts in capital Mogadishu that left at least 27 people dead and dozens of others wounded, according to a minister. Saturday’s attack saw gunmen … More


MUSLIM WORLD 05-nov-2017

PALESTINIAN PM DEMANDS BRITISH APOLOGY FOR BALFOUR Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah on 29 October demanded that Britain apologise for the declaration promising a Jewish state in historical Palestine, ahead of its 100-year anniversary in the coming week. Hamdallah said … More


READERS' PULSE 05-nov-2017

Is Najeeb Not a Citizen? This refers to the article “Is Najeeb Not a Citizen of This Country?” by Abhay Kumar (Radiance Viewsweekly, 29 October-4 November 2017). It’s quite surprising that the entire intelligence machinery along with Police department  failed … More


Education must Guarantee Character Building: Manish Sis...

By OUR STAFF REPORTER As a journalist and having been part of the most successful movement in a democracy and from my experience, all I can say that the best responsibility is to work on education because it is only … More


JIH Jharkhand-HRD Holds Workshop on IT, Social Media an...

    By OUR CORRESPONDENT The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Jharkhand-HRD organised a 3-day IT & media workshop on 20, 21 and 22 October 2017. This workshop was divided into two distinct parts: one part was on IT (Basics) & Social Media … More