• The First Teacher of Mankind

    6 Mar 2016 |

    DR. MUMTAZ ALI wonders whether it is ethical on the part of man to go against Allah, our first Teacher, when He explained everything about our origin, purpose of life and worldview and reminded us about it again and again … More

Slapping of Sedition Charges Galore

With the slapping of charges of participating in anti-national activities or what in legal parlance is called sedition under Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code against not only some student leaders but some political bigwigs as well, what is … More


Muslim Mirror Honours Journalists in Service to Communi...

By OUR STAFF REPORTER It is time for introspection as to why we the Muslims failed to make any mark in comparison to the mainstream media, why the existing Muslim media find difficult times to carry on and why the … More


Islamic Feminism is a Shaky Bridge!-II

Be Firm in Faith and Actions and Avoid Accidents By DR. ZEENATH KAUSAR Furthermore, Heba contends that feminism should be understood from within the background of secularisation.  Secularisation, on one side marginalises God and on the other reduces ‘man’ to ‘nature’, … More


A Danger to Democracy

By RAJINDAR SACHAR There is a figurative way of attributing intense stupidity to an individual or a political party in the idiom, ‘He is his own worst enemy’. This occurred to me by the idiotic way BJP-led Central Government has … More


Growth and Benefiting Theory of Personality

By SYED KAZIM Personality is defined as the enduring personal characteristics of individuals. Personality development refers to the creation of a personality cult with the intention of forming a particular impression in the minds of others. This is the sum … More


‘Hillary will Take Relationship with India to Next He...

FRANK F ISLAM, a great entrepreneur in America, philanthropist, civic and thought leader who was in India to deliver convocation speech at AMU as chief guest and to receive the degree of Doctor of Literature (LittD). In an interview with … More



JAMIAT DEMANDS ANTI–BLASPHEMY LAWEven as the debate on freedom of speech and laws against sedition rages on after protests broke out in JNU, the Jamiat Ulema–e–Hind (JUH) leaders in Meerut on 14 February demanded a law against blasphemy. In a … More


Syria Opp Says Regime, Allies Breached Truce 15 Times

Syria’s main opposition grouping recorded 15 violations by government troops and allied forces on the first day of a landmark truce, a spokesman told reporters on 28 February. “There were 15 violations by the regime forces on day one of … More


Turkey Worried over Syria Partition

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on 29 February said that there is a concern over possible Syria partition and, at the same time, reiterated that Ankara will not let Democratic Union Party (PYD) to open any kind of a corridor … More


MUSLIM WORLD 06mar2016

$6BN PROFIT MAKERS BEHIND THE REFUGEE CRISISEurope’s police agency has reportedly said it has made fighting refugee smuggling a “key priority” as it launched a new centre to help tackle the continent’s worst refugee crisis in 60 years. Rough estimates … More


READERS' PULSE 06mar2016

Give Exemplary Punishment to CulpritsThis is a very tolerant India and we are a disciplined law abiding people. Since BJP led by our PM, has come to power, the law and order has totally collapsed everywhere especially in states ruled … More


AMU is a Minority Institution: Justice AM Ahmadi

By OUR STAFF REPORTER Voice of Humanity, an organisation working for Human Rights, dignity and freedom, organised a legal workshop on the minority status of AMU in the light of Article 30 at Indian Law Institute on 27 February. Former … More


Thousands of Students March, Seek Justice for Rohith, K...

By OUR STAFF REPORTER Thousands of students from various parts of the country under the banner of The Joint Action Committee for Social Justice (JACSJ) led a protest march from Ambedkar Bhawan to Jantar Mantar in the national capital on … More


Pro-Rohith Protesters Brutally Attacked in Lucknow

By OUR STAFF REPORTER The members of SIO (Students Islamic Organisation of India) were brutally beaten allegedly by the ABVP and BJP activists while they were protesting for Rohith Vemula and JNU issues in Lucknow on 24 February. Social activists … More


Second National Urdu Science Congress 2016 Held at Alig...

By SAMEEN AHMED KHAN The Second National Urdu Science Congress was held under the aegis of Anjuman Farogh-e-Science (ANFROS), Aligarh Chapter at Aligarh during 20-21 February.  The inaugural session was presided over by Lt. General (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah, Vice … More