• Showdown with Big-Tech on Who Owns the News

    7 Mar 2021 |

      By Arshad Shaikh   The commonly held belief that ‘content is king’ may no longer necessarily be true, as today, one may have the best content but it has no commercial value until it reaches a wider audience. Moreover, … More

North-East Delhi Violence 2020 The Wounds are Still Fresh

  Politics is the last resort of scoundrels (or at least of some of them). People want to live with peace and harmony. But the irresponsible politicians sow the seeds of disharmony and make people indulge in violence and mass … More


Why Social Justice in India is Deplorabl...

  By Er. Mohammad Salim   After Independence, we have lived for seven decades and very recently we have also celebrated the 72nd Republic Day. Definitely, we have made significant progress in the field of education, health, science and technology. … More


Govt Order to Control Int’l Webinars C...

  Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s Markazi Taleemi Board (Education Board) has voiced concern over making government’s prior approval mandatory for all government entities, including publicly funded educational institutions and universities before hosting an online international conferences/ seminars/ training. In a press statement … More


Muslim Women Scholars across Globe Call ...

  Muslim women intellectuals and scholars from around the world have unanimously given a clarion call to adopt Islamic teachings for nurturing a happy family and a stronger society. They were speaking at an international webinar on the central theme … More


M J Akbar: The Fall and Fall of the Risi...

  By Soroor Ahmed   When I was asked by this weekly to write something on noted editor and author, M J Akbar, as he was recently in the news not for a very good reason, I was thrown back … More


New Webinar Rules will Curb Free Flow of...

  By Mohd. Naushad Khan   On 15 January, 2021 the Union government made it mandatory for academics and organisers to seek prior clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to hold international webinars or online seminars on various … More


Seek Refuge with Allah from Shaitan

  By Syed Akbar Hassan   The Qur’ān (16: 98-100) states: “Whenever you read the Qur’ān, seek refuge with Allah from Shaitan, the accursed. He certainly has no power over those who believe and place their trust in their Lord. … More


Skyrocketing Fuel Prices and Our Already...

  By Dr. Sana Samreen   We witnessed the devastating impact of post-Covid lockdown on Indian economy. With the lifting of lockdowns, the citizens trying to get back on their feet are now hit by skyrocketing fuel prices. We witnessed … More


Benchmark Bail Order in Disha Ravi Toolk...

Misuse Of ‘Sedition’ Law on Rise to Silence the Peaceful Protesters   By Syyed Mansoor Agha   Disha Ravi, 22, a Climate Activist, was picked by Delhi police from her Bengaluru residence for questioning in a ‘toolkit’ case on February … More


Waqf Properties in India in a Mess

  Muslim Personal Law Board Undertakes Waqf Cause    By Abdul Bari Masoud   In gross violation of the Waqf (Amendment) Act 2013, which strictly prohibits sale of any waqf property, as many as 26 prime waqf properties were sold … More


Cartoon 07-Mar-2021

Save earth from humans…


Inside India 07-Mar-2021

OVER 300 VICTIMS OF DELHI RIOTS AWAIT PROPER COMPENSATION While on the face of it the disbursement of Rs 26 crore to 2,221 victims of the North East Delhi communal violence of February 2020 appears meagre, even reaching this level … More


Muslim World 07-Mar-2021

MORE THAN 300 CHILDREN CONTRACT COVID-19 STRAIN IN IRAQ Iraq’s health minister, Hassan Al-Tamimi, said that hundreds of children have contracted a new variant of the coronavirus. He warned that the strain could also infect children and the “ferocity” of … More


Gleanings of Arabic Press 07-Mar-2021

  German Court Kindles Hope for Syrians Justice cannot bring back life to the victims of the Syrian regime. It also cannot relieve pain of those subjected to torture at the hands of the criminals who work under this regime. … More


Readers' Pulse 07-Mar-2021

The Future of India’s Youths Seems to be in Peril People in India are passing through difficult times. The functioning of government institutions, the judiciary and other reputed agencies seems to be no longer independent. The voices of the people … More


JIH Delegation Visits Galta Peeth Ashram...

  A delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) visited Galta Peeth Ashram in Jaipur, Rajasthan and held a meeting with its priests Peethadhishwar Swami Awdheshacharya ji and Yuwacharya ji, a report said on February 25. The JIH delegation led by JIH … More


18-year-old Dies at Singhu Border on Yuva Kisan Diwas

  Farmers’ Yuva Kisan Diwas was engulfed with sadness at the Singhu border, as news of an 18-year-old’s death at the protest site on February 25, 2021 night spread across the area over the day. Navjot Singh, son of Jaswinder … More


It’s One of the Signs of God

By Sikandar Azam   As Islam is the complete way of life, it guides man in each and every aspect of life. And its guidance encompasses our individual, family, social, national and international affairs. In fact, nothing under the sky, … More