Muslim Personal Law in India

Life is nothing other than challenges and their responses. Muslims in India, the third largest concentration in the world, with 18 crore strong presence amounting to one-seventh of India’s population, are no exception to this principle. Unfortunately, due to a … More


Institute Think Tanks to Analyse Present Challenges of ...

MUSLIM PERSONAL LAWPapers and Proceedings of a Seminar Eds.: Dr Mohammed Nejatullah  Siddiqiand Dr. F.R. Faridi Markazi Maktaba Islami Publishers,D-307 Abul Fazl Enclave,Jamia Nagar, Okhla,New Delhi – 110 025 India Pages: 240  Price: ₹90   Reviewed By H. ABDUR RAQEEB … More


There is No Scope for Compromise or Concession with Reg...

Addressing the Ernakulam district conference of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind as the Chief Guest, the President of Muslim Personal Law Board, Syed Rabey Hasani Nadwi asserted that there can be no compromise or concession with regard to protection of Shari’ah. He further … More


Shari’ah Status of Adoption

Samiha Siddiqua argues how the Qur’ānic law of adoption paves way for the development of a morally healthy society. The system of adoption is specifically mentioned in the holy Qur’ānic verses. They were revealed especially to address the issue. In … More


King Faisal International Prizes for 2017

By SAMEEN AHMED KHAN The King Faisal Foundation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has announced the King Faisal International Prize for the year 2017. The recipients in the categories are as follows:  Service to Islam: King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud of … More


Provision of Divorce in Islam and Wisdom behind It

By PROF. JAMIL FAROOQUI Family is the basic social institution that plays an important role in preparing individuals and shaping their potential to fulfil the purpose of their creation. It is the place where humans live in peace and harmony … More


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE An Analysis and Islamic Viewpoint

Islam is all about love and affection, caring and empathy, kindness and generosity. It wants to see these values being truly personified among family members. In essence, Domestic Violence is everything that Islam is not, observes DR. PARVEZ MANDVIWALA It’s … More


Woman in Islamic Family System

FIRASHA SHAIKH writes how exalted status Muslim women enjoy in the family system and what significant roles they play in the shaping of human civilization. Amidst all the clamour regarding the validity of triple talaq and thereby questioning the relevance … More


Shari’ah Status of Fosterage

By JUVERIA IRAM                                                It is a child’s right to be brought up, a right which imposes a duty on the father namely maintenance, and another on the mother, namely fosterage and custody until the end of infancy. However, in the … More



By PROF. U MUHAMMAD IQBAL In The Times of India, dated December 12, 2016, an article of Jug Suraiya appeared on page 12. The title of the article summarises it: ‘GIVE FAITH THE BENEFIT OF DOUBT’. When the prosecution fails … More


Inheritance Law in Islam and Women

Kaniz Fatima delves deep into the rationale behind the Islamic law of inheritance, which gives a woman share half the man’s, and asserts that the inheritance law within the overall framework of the Islamic Law reveals not only justice but … More


How to Have a Happy Married Life?

SYED KAZIM turns the pages of the Qur’ān and Hadīth to tell us how to enjoy marital happiness. Marriage is a lot more than having someone to call a husband or wife. Marital relationship is an incredible blessing and a … More


Shari’ah Status of Nikah

By MEENAZ BHANU Islam is a way of life which comprehensively guides human beings in all aspects of life. Islam guides us with a complete set of laws from basic principles and policies to greater affairs. Bonding of a male … More


Muslim Personal Law A Boon to Society

Muslim Personal Law is a boon to society. Arshad Shaikh explores this assertion in the form of a photo-essay and gives us some insightful perspectives that provide food for thought. Muslim Personal Law consists of the Islamic injunctions laid down … More


The Question of Four Marriages

SYED JALALUDDIN UMARI opines that in view of almost equal ratio of men and women, there is no chance of polygyny going common in a society, and that a Muslim in spite of Islamic sanction to have four wives hardly … More


How Effectively Polygyny Protects Modesty of Women

Islam deals with the issue of Polygyny more clearly than other religions and systems do, and provides certain legal requirements and restrictions. It has permitted Polygyny conditionally mainly to protect the modesty of women and of society at large, avers … More


The Place of Personal Law in Shari’ah

By DR. WAQUAR ANWAR It is both informative and reflective to place Muslim Personal Law in its correct perspective as it has a defined positioning in Islamic law (Shari’ah) with specific consequences. An appreciation in the right perspective is required … More


ENOUGH FEARMONGERING Only One Democratic State is Possi...

By RAMZY BAROUD Long before December 28, when the US Secretary of State, John Kerry took the podium at the Dean Acheson Auditorium in Washington DC to pontificate on the uncertain future of the two-state solution and the need to … More


Uniform Civil Code cannot be Imposed Forcibly: Justice ...

Former Justice of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh High Courts, JUSTICE FAKHRUDDIN (Retd.), who is currently Treasurer of Association of Retired Judges of Supreme Court and High Courts of India as well as Senior Advocate of Supreme Court, in an interview … More


AIMPLB should Take Lead in Codifying Islamic Laws: Shah...

SHAHID AZAD is a lawyer in the High Court of Delhi and has been conducting cases in almost all the Courts/Tribunals in Delhi, including some high profile cases like Commonwealth Case, etc. He completed Bachelor of Laws from Aligarh Muslim … More


I Believe Everything is Predestined

By AYSHA My name is Aysha, and I am from North Hungary. I heard about Islam when I was in secondary school in the history lessons, because Hungary was under occupation by Turkey for 150 years. After that I went … More


INSIDE INDIA 22-jan-2017

MUMBAI VARSITY BARS BEARDED MUSLIM STUDENT FROM BOXING EVENT The University of Mumbai (MU) pulled out a Muslim student from a boxing competition because he refused to shave off his beard. Sayyed Imran Ali is a national-level taekwondo and kick-boxing … More


MUSLIM WORLD 22-jan-2017

TUNISIA DEMOCRATIC TRANSITION ‘BLOCKED’: ELECTORAL CHIEF Tunisia’s transition to democracy after its 2011 revolution has hit a roadblock, the electoral commission chief said on 10 January, criticising a delay in holding the first local elections since the uprising. “Tunisia stood … More


READERS' PULSE 22-jan-2017

Does Polygyny among Muslims Lead to an Increase in Population? First and foremost, let us clearly understand that almost all Indian Muslim men have ONLY ONE WIFE. A minuscule minority has two, and hardly anyone has three or four. Increase … More


Smoking Costs $1T, 6M Lives Annually: WHO

The use of deadly smoking products of the tobacco industry costs the world economies over $1 trillion annually in healthcare spending plus six million lives, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) release about ‘the economics of tobacco and tobacco … More


Questions on Paris Mideast Peace Conference

Representatives from around 70 nations are to meet in Paris on 15 January to try to chart a course toward restarting moribund Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. The conflict in its modern form dates back to 1947, when the United Nations proposed two … More