• Modi Playing the ‘Trump Card’ in India But to What Effect?

    29 Oct 2017 |

    The need of the hour for India is nonetheless an all-inclusive agenda, where every section of the society, every community, could reap the benefits of plans envisaged.  But for that to happen, politics will have to be kept aside, and … More

Taj Mahal Controversy Demolishing India Bit by Bit

Air is thick with smell of poison, hearts are infested with hatred, and knives are ready to be out at the slightest provocation. Who is the biggest loser? India and Indianness; India, the land of humane traditions and home to … More


Dr. Ambedkar against India’s Communal Nationalism

Reviewed by M. MOINUDDIN The book Ambedkar and Hindutva Politics authored by Ram Puniyani draws a clear picture of the views of Babsaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar on the politics of Hindutva and its likely adverse impact on the body politic of … More


Reward of Pregnancy in Islam

By MD. AJMAL IBRAHIMI The amount of pain, suffering, affliction, agony a woman goes through during her pregnancy period is truly beyond expression. No words can be put together to form a sentence which can be claimed to describe the … More


‘Is Najeeb Not a Citizen of This Country?’

By ABHAY KUMAR We were not sure about where Najeeb’s mother had been detained. We were first told that she had been taken to the Parliament Street Police Station. When we rushed there, the place was calm and quiet. The … More


UN Must Compel Myanmar Retake Rohingyas

By MUHAMMAD ABDUS SAMAD Rohingya Muslims forming minority living in the state of Arakan (now Rakhine) in Myanmar for centuries are now the most persecuted community in the world. Way back to 1982, the Rohingyas were decitizenised and  outlawed by … More


Sectarianism Suppressing Democratic Right of Expression

By RAM PUNIYANI Freedom of expression has been the core value which accompanied the struggle for India’s Independence. The British did attempt to stifle the voices of dissent but the freedom fighters did see this as a crucial mechanism of … More


No Need to Stand at Cinema to Prove Patriotism: SC

Rules that require the National Anthem to be played before every movie screening can be modified but the Government should take a call instead of “shooting from the court’s shoulder”, the Supreme Court said on 23 October, noting, “We don’t … More


Student Activism in Goa The Need for Students Unions

By USMAN KHAN PATHAN Students are an integral part of society. The very meaning of society is a long standing group of people sharing different languages, cultures and lifestyles. Students are a very important part of this group. While people … More


Dengue Fever

By DR. ANIS ANSARI Dengue fever is the most common and important viral illness in humans. It is estimated that half of world population in tropical countries like India are at risk. It is a self-limited disease when detected early.  … More


INSIDE INDIA 29-oct-2017

AMU is a perfect example of Indian nationalism and ethos: Pranab Mukherjee Former President Pranab Mukherjee on 17 October heaped praise on Aligarh Muslim University, describing the institution as a perfect example of Indian nationalism and ethos, ‘where students from … More


MUSLIM WORLD 29-oct-2017

Mass destruction continues in Myanmar’s Rakhine According to newly released satellite images, at least 288 Muslim villages have been partially or totally destroyed by fire in Myanmar’s Rakhine State since 25 August, the Human Rights Watch said on 17 October. … More


READERS' PULSE 29-oct-2017

  A Grim Reality The caste system and the resultant caste discrimination is a grim reality in India. After 70 odd years of independence from the colonial rule, for around 16% of the Indian population, oppression still persists in the … More


Workshop on Remote Sensing Concludes at AMU

The DST Workshop on “Applications of Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS in Natural Resource Management”, organised by the Interdisciplinary Department of Remote Sensing and GIS Applications, Aligarh Muslim University concluded in the premises of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh successfully. Mr … More


Forgiveness Theory of Prosperity

By SYED KAZIM Allah says in the Qur’ān, “And said, Ask forgiveness of your Lord. Indeed, He is ever a Perpetual Forgiver. He will send (rain from) the sky upon you in (continuing) showers. And give you increase in wealth … More