• Maha-Drama and Chanakya Politics

    8 Dec 2019 |

    SS-NCP-INC post-poll alliance snatch power in Maharashtra from BJP Indian politics needs a “Maha-Cleanup”, else it is bound to end up in “Maha-failure”, avers Arshad Shaikh About a month ago, in the cover story, ‘Between Relief and Concern’, Radiance opined, … More

Shiv Sena, NCP, Congress Alliance in Maharashtra

People across India are feeling relief on the failure of Amit Shah’s plan in Maharashtra. Some observers are seeing in it a ray of hope that a new realignment of major national and regional parties would take India from communal-nationalism … More


Tughluq Period, a Historian’s Viewpoint

By Syed Nooruzzaman Dr Zakir Husain, retired Assistant Director (Oriental Records), National Archives of India, New Delhi, is an established historian and author. His latest book, “Medieval India: Studies in Polity, Economy and Society”, is a very useful volume which … More


Opening the Baggage of India’s Economic History

By Abubaker A Reacting to the criticism by economists, scientists, and financial experts on the current economic crisis, a political leader commented, “Our present economic crisis is due to Mughal rule and British rule.” Mughal rule and British rule were … More


CAB Against Socio-Political Spirit of Northeast

By Mohd. Naushad Khan The debate on Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) is gaining momentum by the day. The Northeast region is once again on the edge as more and more people and elected representatives are raising their concern and opposing … More


If Constitution is Safe, Qur’an and Gita will Also Re...

By our staff reporter In order to celebrate, realise the importance of the Constitution Day and to inform people about the emerging threat to the Constitution and the challenges ahead, MetaFrames, in association with D.E.S.H., organised Jashn-e-Samvidhaan on the occasion … More


Lagging in Inclusive Education and Excellence

Rajasthan, UP Judicial Services Exams: Girl-Students Hugely Outsmart Boys   Until the Ummah excels in knowledge and training, our fate cannot take an upward swing. No external force will come to help us. We will have to develop an urge … More


Int’l Charter of Human Rights and Islamic Teachings

Syed Jalaluddin Umari, Chairman Shari’ah Council Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and former Amir of the organisation, joins the international community and human-rights-loving people across the world in observing December 10, the International Day of Human Rights, and presents how Islamic teachings on … More


Isn’t Modesty Universal?

Even other religions teach modesty and modest covering then why are only Muslim women targeted? Why are they called supressed or looked down upon in society? Rukaiya Sayed When we see these three ladies, what similarity do we notice? Yes, … More


MCB Launches Pledges to Build a Better Britain

The Muslim Council of Britain on November 27 launched its election policy platform, in which it calls on all political parties to commit to a series of 10 key pledges, with Islamophobia being the key priority. The report, along with … More


Make Ease for Debtor Facing Hard Times

By Syed Akbar Hassan Allah says in the Holy Qur’an: “If (the debtor) is in straitened circumstances, grant him a delay until a time of ease. And if you waive (the debt entirely) as a gift of charity, it will … More


18 Parties Boycott Joint Parliamentary Session to Comme...

Opposition parties boycotted the joint parliamentary sitting to commemorate the Constitution Day on November 24. Instead they all congregated at the statue of BR Ambedkar in Parliament gardens to protest against the attempt by the BJP to form the government … More


INSIDE INDIA 08-dec-2019

Abused, intimidated, attacked: Rajiv dhawan recounts horror Senior advocate Rajiv Dhawan, who represented the Muslim side in the Babri Masjid case in the Supreme Court, spoke to India Today TV for the first time ever after the verdict, a report … More


MUSLIM WORLD 08-dec-2019

Tunisia calls for serious action in defence of Palestine Tunisia on November 27 called on people with clear consciences worldwide and all peace-loving actors to “take serious action” in defence of the Palestinian just cause. This came in a message … More


READERS' PULSE 08-dec-2019

A Free Run for Lawbreakers A teenager was gangraped on her birthday in Coimbatore of Tamilnadu on 30 November. This has come close on the heels of another such incident on 27 November in Hyderabad, where a veterinary doctor was … More


Let’s Keep from the Agenda of Batil

By Sikandar Azam A news report headlined ‘Muslims must voluntarily hand over Gyanvapi Mosque, Mathura complex to Hindus’ (The Times of India, November 29) made this scribe sit up and visualise how such assertions are going to shape our beloved, … More