Love, Not Hate will Save India

Because love creates, promotes and saves; and hate destroys and annihilates. Love is the foundation of creation, the Creation of our beautiful earth, the star-studded sky and the countless galaxies. Allah has created us because He loves us and man … More


Delhi Riots Remind Hatemongers that People Want to Live...

By mohd naushad khan After every riot, the method, motive and madness are discussed. Actions and strict punishment are sought against the perpetrators, role of the police is questioned, the government is reminded of its dharma and the hate-filled atmosphere … More


A Strange Pattern Indeed

By M. S. Qais Delhi was engulfed by riots last week. It is no secret that the riots took place in the areas, which the BJP managed to win in the recent Assembly elections. The elections were marked by a … More


IRW Hosts 3-Day Disaster Management Workshop for Volunt...

The relief team of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Maharashtra, Ideal Relief Wing, organises an annual workshop to train its volunteers. This helps them prepare for relief work in any natural and man-made disasters. Ideal Relief Wing Maharashtra organised one such workshop last … More


Delhi Violence Pre-planned; Lives, Properties of Muslim...

  Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s Syed Sadatullah Husaini has said that the pattern of Delhi violence clearly indicates that it was pre-planned in which lives, businesses and properties of Muslims were specifically targeted. He was addressing the monthly press conference on many … More


The Prophet’s Fight against Quraishi Nationalism

By TM Izam At the beginning of Islam and the Islamic Revolution, pre-Islamic Arabs and their socio-political organisations, which defined social goodness and humility, were based on tribe, race and language. Blood relations and tribal ties were the key to … More



By Prof. Atiq Ahmad Faruqi At present, in the volatile situation in our country, the easy thing is eruption of violence and the easiest is conversion of any violence into communal riots. The main reason behind Delhi riots has been … More


Police Reform Promises Reform of Politicians

By mohd naushad khan After every riot, functioning of the police force, dereliction of duty and role of the establishment are questioned. The need for police reform is discussed afresh. This holds true even today as the same points are … More


World Condemnation against Delhi Riots Mounts

The Indian diaspora on March 1 assembled in 18 European cities to condemn the Delhi riots, mourn the victims and demand immediate action against the perpetrators, a report said. Demonstrations took place in Glasgow and Krakow, in Helsinki and Stockholm, … More


Final Efforts to Save Troubled Marriages

By Syed Akbar Hassan The Qur’an (4:35) says: “If you have reason to fear that a breach may occur between a (married) couple, appoint an arbitrator from among his people and an arbitrator from among her people. If they both … More


Doha Deal: The Emerging Reality in Afghanistan

By Syed Nooruzzaman The peace deal signed in Doha (capital of Qatar) between the US and the Taliban (representing what they call the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) on February 29 has three main gainers. They include the Donald Trump administration, … More


INSIDE INDIA 15-mar-2020

UN rights chief moves Supreme Court on CAA The principal human rights official of the United Nations has moved the Supreme Court, seeking to intervene as a friend of the court on a bunch of petitions challenging the Citizenship Amendment … More


MUSLIM WORLD 15-mar-2020

Turkey’s treatment of refugees lesson in humanity: Turkey’s VP Turkey has given the world a lesson in humanity by opening its doors and being a safe haven for refugees, the country’s vice president said on March 6. Speaking at an … More


READERS' PULSE 15-mar-2020

Red Carpet Welcome to Trump in Gujarat According to news published in various newspapers that the Government of Gujarat accorded a red carpet welcome to the President of USA during his recent visit. It is well within the rights of … More


WPI Demands High Level Probe, Adequate Compensation and...

By our staff reporter A delegation led by Dr. SQR Ilyas, National President of Welfare Party of India after visiting riot affected areas of Northeast Delhi like Mustafabad, Chandbagh, Karawal Nagar, Shiv Vihar, Babunagar, Barajpuri, Chandan Nagar, Gokulpuri, Brahampuri, Vijay … More


How to Defeat Hate

By Sikandar Azam At the time when hatemongering is ruling the roost in the world in general and in our beloved country in particular, let’s discuss how to tackle this social malaise. There may be many sources we can turn … More