• KL Summit: Mahathir weathers the ‘desert’ storm

    5 Jan 2020 |

          Despite serious concerns raised by Saudi Arabia and a veiled attack by the OIC, Malaysian prime minister successfully hosts a conference of four key Islamic leaders, with hundreds of delegates and journalists from around the world in … More

Withdraw CAA and Drop NRC

The campaign of hate, bigotry and intimidation which was started by communal forces is now a fully developed wound on the soul of India. At present the 20 crore Muslims and Dalits are under attack. But gradually all other communities … More


Kerala’s Al-Jamia Graduates Reject CAA, NRC during Co...

By P.K. Abdul Ghafour The convocation ceremony of Al-Jamia Al-Islamiya Santhapuram concluded at Perinthalmanna on December 22, expressing its solidarity with the ongoing nationwide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Registration for Citizens (NRC). It urged the … More


Communalising the Law, Criminalising the Protest, CAA a...

By Syyed Mansoor Agha On December 4 the Union Cabinet approved a bill to amend “The Citizenship Act 1955”, with the purpose to grant citizenship to the nationals of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, who entered in India legally of illegally … More


Jamaat Provides Healing Touch to Evicted People of Chot...

  By OUR CORRESPONDENT The people of Chotia, Bishwanath-District, Assam have been let down by their own lawmaker, BJP MLA Padma Hazarika. They say that 426 families (approximately 1800 people) were evicted mercilessly by the district administration and their homes … More


JIH President Writes Letter to CMs, Urge Them Not to Im...

The President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), Syed Sadatullah Husaini has written a letter to the Chief Ministers of India, urging them not to implement the controversial National Register of Citizens (NRC) and stop the process of National Population Register (NPR) … More


Is India Becoming a ‘Jurassic Republic’?

By M.S. Qais Kapil Sibal, a veteran Parliamentarian and Advocate, is reported to have said, “Don’t convert this Indian Republic into a Jurassic republic, where there are two dinosaurs” (The Telegraph, 12 December, 2019). It is not difficult to envision … More


Will Your Data Always Remain Personal? Personal Data Pr...

By Arshad Shaikh On December 11, 2019, the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad, introduced The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 in Lok Sabha. The Bill seeks to provide protection of the privacy of individuals relating to … More


Rivalry for the Worldly Gain

By Syed Akbar Hassan The Qur’an (102:1-8) says: “The desire to surpass one another in the acquisition of wealth has allured you until you reached the graves. Nay, in time you will come to know! Again, in time you will … More


Situation in Uttar Pradesh is Alarming: Wajahat Habibul...

By Mohd. Naushad Khan Is humanity at its worst end in Uttar Pradesh? The question flashed in my mind when I was watching a news report on NDTV that parents of 14-month old Champak, Ekta and Ravi Shankar were arrested … More


A Historically Defining Moment in Post-Independence Ind...

Syed Azharuddin, General Secretary SIO of India, who is also Executive Committee Member of International Islamic Federation of Student Organisations (IIFSO), while talking to Radiance, said that the present time is “a historically defining moment in post-Independence India” and hopes … More


INSIDE INDIA 05-jan2020

UP Police Killed Muslims Who Weren’t Even Protesting: K Krishnan As protests continue across the country against CAA, Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the state which is not permitting even a modicum of dissent, a report said on December 26. … More


MUSLIM WORLD 05-jan-2020

Tens of thousands flee as Syrian forces continue Idlib advance Syrians continue to flee by the thousands from the last rebel-held stronghold of Idlib as a government offensive intensifies. As long lines of cars head to the Turkish border, camps … More


READERS' PULSE 05-jan2020

It’s Not of His Business The Army Chief, General Bipin Rawat, as per The Hindu daily dated December 27, 2019, said, “Leading crowds for arson is not leadership”. I am an ex Armed Forces officer. I was commissioned on 10th … More


What the Invasion of Locusts Means

By Sikandar Azam Newspapers, on December 24 and 25, published a report that shocked many. Shocked because it seems to signal, we fear, some Divine scheme meant to teach a lesson to the oppressors and evildoers so that the latter … More