• Is B’desh Heading towards Dictatorship?

    13 Jan 2019 |

      By SYED NOORUZZAMAN The landslide victory of the Sheikh Hasina-led Awami League and its allies in the just concluded parliamentary elections in Bangladesh was not surprising. The incumbent Prime Minister’s party was using all kinds of tactics, right or … More

‘Narendra Modi Waves’ in the Post-Truth Era

Last week, Andhra University vice-chancellor G Nageswara Rao, a professor of inorganic chemistry, went full Orwell when he had cheek and temerity to claim that the Kauravas from the Mahabharata were test-tube babies, that Ravana from the Ramayana possessed 24 … More


Regional Alliance to Be Dominant Factor of 2019 Polls

By Mohd. Naushad khan Pre-poll, post-poll alliance and coalition politics have been the hallmark of our democracy. But over the years moral degradation in our polity has also shapedup the nature of our political alliances. Earlier, the alliances were based … More


It may Reduce Pains but can’t Cure the Disease

By SYED ZAHID AHMAD The way political parties announce loan waiving schemes before elections; it is definitely going to devastate the discipline of political economics in India. After 10 years of first loan waiving announcement by the UPA I Government, … More


2018: Another Challenging, Tough Year for American Musl...

By ABDUS SATTAR GHAZALI The seven-million American Muslims remained at the receiving end since 9/11/2001 through reconfiguration of US laws, policies and priorities but their plight has taken a new twist under President Donald Trump whose anti-Muslim, anti-immigration policies and … More


Status of Women in Judaism and Islam: A Comparative Stu...

By TAZEEM HAIDER Indeed it is Islam which has granted numerous rights to women. Inheritance in paternal property as well as in husband’s property, Mahr (Dower or mandatory payment given to a woman at the time of marriage by her … More


My Love for Jesus Led Me to Islam

By SARAH PRICE Islamic. Jihadist. ISIS. Terrorist. Women banned from driving in Saudi Arabia. Burqa. 9/11… unfortunately, the term ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’ isn’t always associated with the most positive attributes. In fact, the term ‘Islam’ can inflict some pretty negative … More


INSIDE INDIA 1-jan-2019

PASWAN OPPOSES RAM TEMPLE ORDINANCE BJP ally and Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan on 3 January opposed an ordinance on the Ram temple issue and asserted that the Supreme Court’s decision on the matter should be final. “Whatever judgement the … More


MUSLIM WORLD 13-jan-2019

2,500 ROHINGYA FLEE LATEST RAKHINE STATE CLASH: UN Around 2,500 more Rohingya fled the central Rakhine State in Myanmar following military clashes, the United Nations said on 2 January. UN spokesman for the secretary general, Farhan Haq, said the Rohingya … More


READERS' PULSE 13-jan-2019

Let’s Contemplate In a previous article, To Forgive or to Seek Vengeance (Radiance Viewsweekly, 30 December 2018-5 January 2019), I had written that saying  حسبی اللہ ونعم الوکیل is the ultimate revenge. But now I realise that حسبی اللہ ونعم … More


JIH Welcomes Opposition Parties’ Role against Talaq B...

By OUR STAFF REPORTER Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, during the monthly press briefing at JIH headquarters on 5 January while questioning the Government’s intention of introducing the Triple Talaq Bill, said it was done for political … More