• Intolerance against Talking Tolerance on the Rise

    6 Jan 2019 |

      High Pitch Trolling of Naseeruddin Shah and Refuge under the Past By SYYED MANSOOR AGHA Naseeruddin Shah, who brought Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib to life in a popular TV serial produced by Gulzar (Sampooran Singh Kalra) and married a … More

National Investigation Agency (NIA) Or “His Master’s Voice”

The recent arrests of 10 Muslim youth by NIA in Jafrabad, Delhi and Amroha (UP) have given rise to several questions. NIA claimed that Mufti Suhail, the alleged mastermind of an IS-affiliated group, had hatched a big terrorist strike. The … More


Unravelling the Anatomy of a Riot

  By RAM PUNIYANI The scene of violence in the name of emotive issues has been continuously throwing new patterns of instigating and orchestrating violence. In recent times we saw the major violence following the demolition of Babri Masjid (1992), … More


Attention Doug Ford: Please Restore Our Gender

By JAWED ANWAR This year my wife’s health card was renewed, and she was shocked to see that she had lost her “female” gender. She found that the space for gender on the card was vacant. In the coming year, … More


Selfie with the Kaaba

By DR. PARVEZ MANDVIWALA Of late, with the ubiquitous presence of smartphones and their high resolution cameras, people have developed the habit of ‘capturing the moment’ on their phones. Gone are the days when a person would think twice before … More


600-Year Old Mosque in Turkey Shifted 2km Away

A 15th century mosque removed from its place was re-established at a distance of about two kilometres. Indeed, the reason behind the removal of this historic AIUB mosque from its place is the construction of Dam. In Turkey, the country’s … More


Allama Iqbal’s Message to Muslim Youth

  By SYED KHALID HUSAIN “Uqaabi rooh jab bedaar hoti hai jawanon mein; / Nazar aati hai un ko apni manzil aasmanon mein.” (When a falcon’s spirit awakens in youngpeople; / They see their luminous goal beyond the starry heavens.) … More


Opportunistic Alliances A Reality in Indian Politics

By PROF AFTAB ALAM In view of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections political parties are busy in forming alliances and counter alliances. Most of these alliances are based neither on any ideology nor on any principle. They are not permanent … More


Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan’s Speech on Triple Talaq B...

[We are publishing English rendering of the speech Congress Member of Parliament Ranjeet Ranjan made in Hindu during the debate on Triple Talaq Bill in the Lok Sabha in the interest of our readers. ­_Editor] We are discussing a bill … More


US Fingerprints All Over in War-Torn Yemen: NYT

  The U.S. had access to records of Saudi-led coalition’s airstrikes in Yemen, and Saudis “often ignored” no-strike lists provided by Washington, The New York Times reported. “A former senior State Department official said that the United States had access … More


Apartheid Israel or US Democracy? A Question Every Amer...

By RAMZY BAROUD Bahia Amawai is a US citizen and Texas-based language specialist who helps autistic and speech-impaired children overcome their impairment. Despite the essential and noble nature of her work, she was fired by the Pflugerville Independent School District, … More


Muslims Love Jesus Too! That’s What Made Me Muslim

By SUMAYYAH And mention] when the angels said, O Mary, indeed Allah gives you good tidings of a word from Him, whose name will be the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary – distinguished in this world and the Hereafter … More


INSIDE INDIA 06-jan-2019

MUSLIMS URGED NOT TO REACT TO REMARKS ON RAM TEMPLE ISSUE The Babri Masjid Action Committee (BMAC) on 25 December appealed to Muslims to refrain from reacting to any inflammatory statement on the Ram temple issue ahead of the resumption … More


MUSLIM WORLD 06-jan-2019

ISRAELI MIN MAKES REMARKS SUPPORTING PKK TERRORISTS An Israeli minister has made disgraceful remarks to undermine Turkey’s expected anti-terror operation in Syria and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “I hope that they (Kurds) will win in their battle against the … More


READERS' PULSE 06-jan-2019

Failure of Justice Justice failed when 22 accused persons in 2005 Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter acquitted. It is a case of systematic and deliberate undermining of the system of justice. All the evidences have been destroyed. Violation of rules and … More