The Month Long Massacre in Myanmar

The genocide in Myanmar is a challenge to human conscience. Only condemnation is not enough, the world must act. Blood curdling reports of the massacre of Rohingya Muslims of Rakhine state of Myanmar were making shock waves in the world … More


Divisive Forces Are Trying To Divide The Nation: Harsh ...

In a glittering ceremony, two books on Muslims’ contribution in India’s Freedom movement were launched here in Patna on 17th December. The function was presided over by Harsh Mandar, former IAS officer and human rights defender in the country. The … More


Masjid Property and Its Use

MUHAMMAD ABDUS SAMAD deals with the issue of affluent urban mosques with extra funds and suggested that those funds should be utilized for helping the poor and needy mosques and maktabs in rural areas. Allah, the Almighty has created the … More


Delhi Minorities Commission celebrates Minority Rights ...

The Delhi Minorities Commission celebrated the UN Minority Rights Day, on 20 December, at the India Islamic Cultural Centre, in the national capital. Through various cultural programs, all minority groups played their part to project unity in diversity, togetherness, we-feeling, … More


Minorities Should Overcome Backwardness through Educati...

By ABDULLAH SAMDANI Dept. of Minority Welfare, Aligarh District organized a symposium regarding the rights of minorities on International Minority Day on 19 December. Chief Development Officer, Dinesh Singh said that in the independent India people with lesser population have … More


The Rights of Children in Islamic Law-II

By DR. INAMULLAH AZMI FALAHI Giving the good name: The baby may be named on the day of birth or later on the seventh day or past the seventh day. There is a Prophetic tradition narrated by Abu Wahb Aljushaimi. … More


UPCOCA is against the Muslims and Dalits

Uttar Pradesh Control of Organized Crime Act (UPCOCA) was passed in the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh on 22 Dec 2017 but it faces a lot of challenges in the Legislative Council. On the one hand, BJP ruled state government … More


Towards A New Palestinian Beginning

By RAMZY BAROUD Palestinians need a new strategy to reach their goal of Independent state of their own. This is not possible unless the old guard, who are busy in amassing dollars and protecting their chairs, are changed. Besides, it … More


Gujarat Verdict Demands Performance From the BJP Govern...

Dr. AFROZ ALAM, Head, Department of Political Science and Director (I/C), Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies, Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), Hyderabad. A political analyst, Dr.Afroz in an interview with MOHAMMAD NAUSHAD KHAN, said … More


“Verily He is near (us) and listens (to us)”

By NASEEM AHMED GHAZI FALAHI Weather was inclement since morning and I had to stay at home. Someone knocked at the door in the evening. I opened the door to find a friend who had recently reverted to Islam. He … More



Dr Nafis Faizi (Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College—JNMC, Aligarh Muslim University—AMU) has been invited to attend the World Health Organisation Executive Board (WHO EB-142) meeting as a part of Global Health Watch in Geneva, Switzerland. … More


INSIDE INDIA 31-dec-2017

INDIA AND OTHER 127 NATIONS, VOTE AT UN AGAINST TRUMP’S DECISION ON JERUSALEM   A total of 128 countries including India voted against US President Donald Trump’s decision on Jerusalem 21 December in favor of a United Nations General Assembly … More


MUSLIM WORLD 31-dec-2017

ISLAMIC WORLD LEADERS SNUB TRUMP OIC in a statement issue recently said Jerusalem move marks US withdrawal from the Middle East peace process and recognized East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestinian. Islamic leaders urged the international community to recognise … More


READERS' PULSE 31-dec-2017

  Communal Harmony More Important Than the Wins and Defeats in Elections With the winding up of the Gujarat elections, we have come to the conclusion that this elections campaign was also full of hatred and communal polarization like the … More


Israel Tramples upon UN Resolutions and International L...

Slamming Israel and US President Donald Trump over the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Palestinian Ambassador to India, Adnan Abu Alhaija said, ‘’Israel thinks that they are such who are not bound to follow the laws and … More


Triple Talaq Bill Violates Women\’s Rights: AIMPLB

All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on 24 December said that the triple talaq bill is against the provisions of the Constitution and violates the rights of women and has demanded its withdrawal. While describing it as a conspiracy … More


Experts in AMU Frame Guidelines Resuscitation of Cardia...

What if, your are told that an untrained layperson can provide a compression-only life support (COLS) for management of the victim with cardiopulmonary arrest based on guidelines provided by Indian experts? Professor S Moied Ahmed (Chairperson, Department of Anaesthesiology and … More