The Role the Muslim Ummah has to Play

The Muslim world is passing through a critical period. It is suffering from the onslaught of western powers, former colonialists and new Islamophobes. It is faced with internal ills, rivalries and conflicts. Is it not strange that in spite of … More


Gender Justice and Contribution of Islam

By ABUBAKER A Islam is the law of Almighty God sent to mankind through Arch Angel Jibreel (Gabriel), and Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) was named Messenger of Almighty God. The term ‘religion’ assigned to Islam … More


Gender Justice in Different Religions

By Shayista Rafat Discussion on the status, area of operation, rights and duties of woman is not rare and unique in human history. In the human society man and woman are complementary to each other. Man without woman and woman … More


Gender Justice and Education

By QAZI MUHAMMAD MIYAN Gender justice is often used with reference to emancipator projects that promote women rights through legal changes and women’s interest in social and economic policy. One of the greatest fallacies advocated by the feminist movement is … More


Islam and Feminism

By FASIHA SHAIKH Feminism, by definition, is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is a movement that ensures the economic liberty and legal protection of women. In Islam, Allah has given both men … More


Injustice in the Name of ‘Gender Justice’

Islam and Feminism on Gender Differences and Natural Institutions of a Civilization   By DR. ZEENATH KAUSAR The term Gender Justice is one of the topmost concepts within the modern feminist literature and Human Rights movement in the West. Several … More


International Politics behind Gender Justice for a Visi...

By DR. ZEENATH KAUSAR The feminist concept of ‘Gender Justice’ is not just confined to its negative stance on the natural differences and natural institutions, ‘marriage, family and motherhood, rather this concept has taken its own stance on ‘sexuality’ and … More


Biological and Spiritual Dimensions

By MOHAMMAD YACOOB Gender equality is based on whims and fancies of various groups who want to advance own limited spheres of influence, idea and thought to gain more power, exposure or control. Several concepts and arguments have been presented, … More


Gender Justice from an Islamic Perspective

By PROF. JAMIL FAROOQUI Gender is a modern term used for indicating differences between femininity and masculinity. It generally replaces the synonym term sex which indicates the biological divisions and differences between male and female. Ann Oklay used the term … More


Challenging the Allegations of Sexism and Misogyny agai...

By FIRASHA SHAIKH We are living in an age where it has become the norm to attack Islam and its principles and teachings. From op-ed columns of newspapers to debates on news channels, there’s nothing that gets the media more … More


Objectification of Women Concerns and Solutions

By Dr. Parvez Mandviwala She, in her early twenties, walks into the orthodontic clinic accompanied by her concerned father; he wants to get her teeth straightened so she could qualify for better matrimonial prospects. A struggling model wants to get … More


Approach of Modern Psychology towards Gender Equality

By ARSHAD SHAIKH What is gender equality? According to UNICEF, the term gender equality means: “Men and women, boys and girls should enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections. This however does not require them to become same or … More


The Role of Religion and Culture in Gender Justice

By juveria iram Culture and religion contribute a lot to social behaviour and norms. Every religion promotes somewhat different cultural and historical foundations. The influence the individual world religions have on the status of women is very much differentiated. Religious … More


Gender Justice Stereotypes and Islam

By MEENAZ BHANU The present world is entrenched with portrayal of various kinds of gender justice stereotypes. Injustice hurts everyone but I feel the stereotypes which are popular in the society in the name of gender justice are themselves the … More


Gender Based Violence and Islamic Solution

By NAZRANA SHAIKH Gender based violence means a violence associated to a particular gender because he or she belongs to that gender. Normally this term is used for ‘violence against women’. But it would be unfair if we ignore the … More


Gender Justice is in the Veins and Blood of Islam

DR SHAH EBADUR RAHMAN popularly known as Neshat did his M.A. in English from the University of Illinois and Ph.D in English from Northern Illinois University in America. Neshat has taught at Northern Illinois University, Ummul Qura University, Makkah and … More


READERS' PULSE 02-july-2017

Economic and Ethical Crisis Our society has been basically undergoing economic and ethical crisis. Since 99 per cent source of income has been under one per cent people, 99 per cent people have been relying on one per cent of … More