• GDP Takes a Hit - Analysing the fall in the Indian economy

    20 Jun 2021 |

        By Arshad Shaikh   Grim news about India’s worst performance in terms of GDP growth in the last 40 years triggered debate and discussion about our GDP story once again. India recorded negative growth of minus – 7.3% … More

Our Deplorable Human Rights Situation

  India’s human rights record is going from bad to worse. It is tarnishing our image in the civilized world. Those who are responsible for this, in spite of their claims of being the true patriots, have perhaps lost the … More


BJP Struggles to Come out of the Mesh in...

  By Soroor Ahmed   It is more to the Uttar Pradesh development than meets the eye. The issue is not just the personality clash between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the chief minister of the most populated state … More


Acid Attacks Corroding Lives - An analys...

  By Kaif Hasan   Acid attack is one of the most heinous crimes perpetrated to exact revenge and retribution for rejected romantic advances or to retaliate a criminal act, etc. Women are the majority of victims of this kind … More


Mehul Choksi can’t be Tried in Absenti...

  The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has in an affidavit to a Dominica court said that according to India’s Criminal Procedure Code, Mehul Choksi cannot be tried in absentia, making a case for his extradition. The affidavit was filed … More


Farmers to Observe June 26 as ‘Kheti B...

  The protest against three controversial farm laws, which began last year, will continue, a farmers’ body said on June 14 to mark the 200th day of their agitation. Kisan Ekta Morcha, a farmers’ collective, tweeted that the “biggest protest … More


Muslim Family in Canada Killed in ‘Pre...

  Four members of a Muslim family were murdered in a premeditated truck attack in London, Ontario, during an evening walk on June 6. The four members of the family – Salman Afzaal 46, his wife Madiha Salman 44, their … More


We must Ensure that We have the Right Fa...

  By Syed Akbar Hassan   The Qur’ān (22:11-13) says: “Some people worship Allah on the border-line (of faith). If good befalls such a person, he is content; but if a trial assails him, he turns away utterly; thus, losing … More


AAP, BJP Playing Vote Politics over Home...

  By Abdul Bari Masoud   The political fight between Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Government and the Narendra Modi-led Central government over Delhi’s proposed doorstep ration delivery scheme has been intensified as both made serious allegations against each other. Chief Minister … More


Consumption, Investment Likely to Furthe...

  PROFESSOR ARUN KUMAR, a noted economist who is also Malcolm Adiseshiah Chair Professor at Institute of Social Sciences and former head of Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, JNU, is an authority on black economy and has authored The … More


Inside India 20-June-2021

DELHI HC GRANTS BAIL TO 3 STUDENT ACTIVISTS IN DELHI RIOTS CASE A division bench of Justices Sidharth Mridul and Anup Jairam Bhambhani of the High Court of Delhi on June 15 granted bail to Asif Iqbal Tanha and Pinjra … More


Muslim World 20-June-2021

VICTIMS RELATIVES HAIL UN COURT’S GENOCIDE CONVICTION The upholding of Ratko Mladic’s conviction for genocide and crimes against humanity drew praise and relief from both the international community and relatives of his victims. Mladic, also known as the “Butcher of … More


Gleanings of Arabic Press 20-June-2021

Turkey’s Role in Fighting Islamophobia The killing of a Muslim family of five members in a truck accident in Canada has revived the talk about Islamophobia. The Canadian authorities have declared the crime as a terrorist act. It has said … More


Power at Any Cost: How Opportunistic Man...

  By Ramzy Baroud   We are led to believe that history is being made in Israel following the formation of an ideologically diverse government coalition which, for the first time, includes an Arab party, Ra’am, or the United Arab … More


Readers' Pulse 20-June-2021

  The Vicious Cycle of Malnutrition It is sad that among the world’s nations, India records the worst level of child malnutrition despite having the largest anti-malnutrition programme. Reportedly, more than 100 districts make India home to the largest number … More


Reconstruct Rohingya Refugee Camp, which...

  Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has demanded the government to reconstruct the Rohingya refugee camp in Madanpur Khadar area of New Delhi, which was completely gutted down in a massive fire on Saturday (June 12) night. A delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, … More


The Importance of Good Manners

  By Sikandar Azam   Modern life is characterised by crass materialism. Today individuals love to hoard wealth by hook or by crook. There is a race for amassing wealth, so much so that it is said a person having … More