Imran Khan India and Pakistan

You can choose your friends but not your neighbours. It applies very aptly to India and Pakistan. Imran Khan will be shortly at the helm of affairs in our close neighbourhood. In his victory speech he has spoken nice words … More


JIH Leaders Visit Family of Victims of Recent Lynching ...

  A high level delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) paid a visit to the family of the victim of recent lynching in Alwar district of Rajasthan to express their solidarity with them. While expressing their condolence on the death of … More


APCR Provides Legal, Rehabilitative Assistance in 17 St...

Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) has its state chapters in 17 states: Jharkhand, Karnataka, Goa, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi Assam, West Bengal, U.P., Uttarakhand, Bihar, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and Haryana, Mr. Muhammad Ahmed, Secretary APCR said … More


Religious Leaders United against Abrogation of Article ...

  Responding to the call of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, religious leaders of various faiths on July 22 gathered at the headquarters of Jamaat in the national capital and expressed their grave concern on the issue of homosexuality and the petition in … More


Hindutva Nationalism Defined by the Mob

By M.S. Qais It is no wrong at all to say that the widely accepted pluralist view of nationalism and Indian-ness is now being challenged by a viewpoint depicting ‘purifying exclusivism’/’exclusiveness’  through the idea of ‘cultural nationalism’. In fact, the … More


A ‘FISHY’ BUSINESS The ‘Preservative’ Conundrum

By PACHU MENON While Goans are trying to come to terms with the unavailability of fresh fish for their daily consumption, the ‘ban’ and ‘scarcity’ factors are creating their own confusion in the minds of the locals. With contrasting reports … More


Lynching Pattern Copied from America: Ziya Us Salam

  By our staff reporter While historically linking the present atmosphere with the foundation of RSS in 1925, Ziya Us Salam, a senior journalist associated with the Frontline, said, what we are witnessing today is the reflection of the text, … More


How do We Promote Peace in India, Today?

By Ram Puniyani We are passing through times when hate against weaker sections of society and religious minorities is increasing, rather rapidly. The increase in the mob lynching all over the country on the pretext of child lifting is coming … More


Spend in the Way of Allah

By SYED AKBAR HASSAN Those who spend in prosperity and adversity and those who control anger and forgive people. And Allah loves those who do good. (3:134). Allah Almighty has made God-fearing Muslims to live as models for others. The … More


JEWISH NATION-STATE LAW Why Israel Was Never a Democrac...

By Ramzy Baroud The head of the Arab Joint List Alliance at the Israeli Knesset (Parliament), Aymen Odeh, described the passing of the racist Jewish Nation-state Law as “the death of our democracy.” Did Odeh truly believe that, prior to … More


People should Not Get Trapped into Majority-Minority Di...

DR MOHAMMAD SALIM ENGINEER is presently Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. Alumni of IIT Kanpur, he has done PhD in 4G mobile communication technology and was former Head of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Malviya National Institute … More


SUICIDE IN FOCUS A National Conversation

By ANIS ANSARI Suicides keep happening. There is no community or family that is not touched by this kind of tragedy.  Frequently, I hear from patients about their young son or daughter ending their life and changing others’ lives forever … More


INSIDE INDIA 05-aug-2018

Alwar lynching: rights panel seeks report from Rajasthan govt The Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission (RSHRC) has sought a report from the state government over the death of a 28-year-old man in Alwar district after he was allegedly thrashed by … More


MUSLIM WORLD 05-aug-2018

Turkey welcomes autonomy law for Moro Muslims Turkey on July 27 hailed a new law paving the way for comprehensive autonomy of Moro Muslims in the Philippines, praising it as “historic.” In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said that Turkey … More


Haris Hashmi is No More

Mr. Haris Hashmi s/o Mr. Wasim Hashmi, resident of Khan Deorhi, Darbhanga, Bihar rendered his services to Radiance Viewsweekly, New Delhi for over two decades with utmost commitment and dedication. After retirement, he settled down there at his native place … More


READERS' PULSE 05-aug-2018

Mob Lynching Presents a Gory Picture India has become a sorry-affairs-state because of mob lynching as also due to a number of unaccounted rapes and murders taking place in recent times. The recent killing of a 28-year old Akbar Khan … More