• Cries of Uyghurs: West Wakes up to Challenge China

    11 Apr 2021 |

      By Syed Nooruzzaman   At least for once China has been made to realise that it can no longer be allowed to go on trampling on human rights of a section of its population – Uyghurs of Xinjiang – … More

Vilification of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

  Every right thinking Indian would feel ashamed to what the controversial priest Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati has said about the most venerable and respected Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ at a press conference at Press Club of India in … More


At 50,  Bangladesh is a Much Healthier ...

  By Soroor Ahmed   The man who had led his party, Awami League, to victory in the first largely free and fair election in Pakistan’s history held on December 7, 1970 could never become Prime Minister of that country. … More


Centuries Old Inhuman Practice of Manual...

  We are like insects and flies, says a sanitation worker Meena   By Abdul Bari Masoud   Kayak hum zindagi bhar maila  aur gandagi saron par dhotey rahian gey, Nahi!, gandagi , gandagi hoti, magar kiya karen, pait bharney … More


The Neo Suez Crisis Finally Blows away

  By Arshad Shaikh   Ship grounding refers to a process in which a ship is deliberately laid ashore or grounded in shallow water to land crew or cargo or for repair or maintenance. In some exceptional cases, the ship … More


Perseverance is the Key to Growth

  By Meera Sabeka   Perseverance is the key to any growth, be it physical, mental or spiritual. From the very first moment human life endeavours to live. The first cry expands its lung, then it announces the hunger for … More


On Allah Should We Rely

  By Syed Akbar Hassan   The Qur’ān (18: 23-24) says: “Never say about anything, ‘I shall do this tomorrow,’ without adding, ‘if Allah so wills.’ Should you forget, then call your Lord to mind and say, ‘I pray that … More


Inside India 11-Apr-2021

34 STUDENTS FROM JMI COACHING ACADEMY CLEAR UPSC MAINS Thirty-four students of Jamia Millia Islamia’s Residential Coaching Academy (RCA) have cleared the Civil Services (Main) Examination and qualified for Civil Services (interview) Examination 2020, the university announced last week. The … More


Muslim World 11-Apr-2021

TWO SIDES OF THE DRAFT BILL IN FRANCE A draft law put forward by President Emmanuel Macron’s government is claimed to be aimed at tackling rising extremism in France and reinforce the nation’s “republican values” – liberty, equality and fraternity. … More


Maulana Muhammad Wali Rahmani is No More...

  Maulana Muhammad Wali Rahmani, an eminent Islamic scholar, breathed his last at a private hospital in Patna, the Capital of Bihar on April 3. Born at Munger in Bihar on June 5, 1943, Maulana Rahmani was General Secretary of … More


Gleanings of Arabic Press 11-Apr-2021

Remembering Syrian Civil War Europe was the subject of thousands of intellectual elegies and works of art. How much does it resemble the Middle East? How much the civil war of Syria, which has not ended for many years, resembles … More


Readers' Pulse 11-Apr-2021

Towards Orienting Life… This refers to the article “Towards orienting life by balancing relations” by Nazrana Darvesh in Radiance Viewsweekly (27 March 2021). The nationwide campaign organised by Women’s Wing Jamaat-e-Islami hind “Strong Family, Strong Society” has provided me with … More


Ensure Safety of Sanitation Workers, Mak...

  Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Vice President Prof. Mohammad Salim Engineer has demanded the government to ensure safety of the sanitation workers and make protective equipment mandatory. The JIH Vice President has said that sanitation workers and sweepers play a key … More


6 Proofs that Muhammad ﷺ Couldn’t Ha...

  By Ibrahim Malabari   The idea that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ wrote the Qur’ān is a prevalent one in the West. Let’s briefly take a look at this issue in light of well-documented historical facts, logic, as well as with … More


Choice is Yours, But Subject It to Divine Will

  By Sikandar Azam   On March 8 last, for the fourth consecutive year, thousands of women across Pakistan attended the Aurat March (Women’s March) events held in towns and cities to mark International Women’s Day. They are facing violence … More