• Ayodhya Tells a Tale of Remarkable Coexistence

    30 Oct 2016 |

    As the nation prepares to mark the 24th anniversary of the demolition of historic Babri Masjid, M S QAIS writes that despite nefarious activities being undertaken by rogue elements, Ayodhya has been placing before the whole world a unique example … More

Let’s Realise the Wisdom behind Muslim Personal Laws

The issue of triple talaq is being blown out of proportion. The BJP-led NDA Government at the Centre is trying to make an issue out of this non-issue. That it is a non-issue is palpable with the fact that the … More


System’s Victim of Wrongful Confinement

Framed as a Terrorist: My 14-Year Struggle to Prove My InnocenceMohammad Aamir Khan with Nandita HaskarSpeaking Tiger Publishing Pvt., Ltd., New DelhiYear 2016, 240ppIndian Rupees 250, Soft. Reviewed by ASIF ANWAR ALIG Now that BJP is at the helm of … More


Interest in Conventional Economics and in Islam

By DR. WAQUAR ANWAR It is interesting to note the development in canon laws and civil laws with regard to interest. The following extract from an article by Hugh Montefiore, who was born in a famous Jewish family in London … More


Our Multiplication Tables

By HAJIRA KHAN & SAMEEN AHMED KHAN Arithmetic is the oldest and the most elementary branch of mathematics.  Its primary purpose is to study numbers and perform the four basic operations namely: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These operations are … More


THE MANY ‘TRUTHS’ ON SYRIA How Our Rivalry Has Dest...

By RAMZY BAROUD  The United States has the power to decree the death of nations,” wrote Stephen Kinzer in the Boston Globe. Kinzer’s article was entitled: “The media are misleading the public on Syria.” In his piece, the scholar at … More


Meet the Man with Astonishing Wealth of Experience

Vadakke Njolayil Kunji Ahmed, better known as VNK, is an environmental activist, travel lover and entrepreneur who carries with him an astonishing wealth of experience. VNK, who was born in 1928 in Kadavathur in Kerala’s Kannur district, comes from a … More


INSIDE INDIA 30-oct-2016

SC INTERVENTION IN TRIPLE TALAQ AMOUNTS TO JUDICIAL LEGISLATION: AIMPLB The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Tuesday told the Supreme Court that any interference by the apex court in Muslim personal laws, including triple talaq, will amount … More


MUSLIM WORLD 30-oct-2016

INDONESIAN MUSLIM BODY CALLS FOR UNITY IN DIVERSITY Officials from Indonesia’s largest Muslim organisation have called for unity against radicalism and peaceful approaches to politics and diversity in the country, a report said on 23 October. Said Aqil Siraj, head … More


READERS' PULSE 30-oct-2016

A Volte-Face It was only a week before that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had issued an advisory to his party colleagues not to indulge in chest thumping on surgical strikes across LoC.  It is very sad that he has done … More


Jamaat to Launch Campaign to Educate Muslims on Persona...

By OUR STAFF REPORTER Talking on the burning topic of Muslim Personal Laws, Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas, member Working Committee of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, highlighted the present controversy on the Muslim personal laws and emphasised the need to … More


Shrinking Space for Dissent Biggest Threat to Our Democ...

By OUR STAFF REPORTER Mohammad Salim Engineer, Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, while presiding over a symposium on Democracy and Communal Amity under Threat in India organised by Media Department Jamaat-e-Islami Delhi and Haryana at JIH headquarters on 23 October, said … More