• As Biden Begins His Difficult Innings India has a Lot to Learn from US

    31 Jan 2021 |

      By Syed Nooruzzaman   Highly experienced Democrat Joe Biden, the winner of last November’s US presidential elections amidst uncertainties, has ultimately taken charge as the 46th President of the United States of America with Indian-African origin leader Kamala Harris … More

After Coronavirus Confront Hate Virus

  India is successfully fighting Covid-19. Could we give a fight to hate which is destroying our peace, prosperity and future? This is the billion dollar question we face. Nations rise and fall on the basis of certain time-tested principles. … More


India Strongly Denounces Privacy Budge o...

  By Mohd Naushad Khan   The WhatsApp privacy issue is becoming louder by the day. No doubt, the technological advancement has augmented the pace of individuals and groups but it also intrudes into the private life of people. It … More


ArnabChatGate Lifts Smokescreen of  ‘...

  By Abdul Bari Masoud   The saga of leaked sordid conversation between promoter and editor-in-chief  of Republic TV  Arnab Goswami and the former CEO of Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) Partho Dasgupta has eventually become a national cause célèbre, … More


Vaccine Rollout in India

  By Arshad Shaikh   On 21 January, a huge fire broke out in the under-construction building of the Serum Institute of India, Pune. Five workers were killed. A compensation of Rs 25 lakhs each was announced by the owners … More


Know Your Subjects, Please!

  By Soroor Ahmed   Agriculture is essentially a state subject. Yet farmers of the country have been protesting on the outskirts of Delhi against the Narendra Modi government – and not any state government – for the last over … More


Need to Return to Allah – All-High, Al...

  By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz Ali   The existence of Allah the Exalted is not a myth or dogma or blind faith. It is the manifestation of the truth and reality of this world. Allah can be observed and … More


The Six Commands for the Perfect Prosper...

  By Syed Akbar Hassan   The Qur’ān (16:90) states: “Allah enjoins justice, kindness (to all), and generosity to one’s kindred; and He forbids all that is shameful, all reprehensible conduct and aggression. He admonishes you so that you may … More


Spiritual Crisis has Led to Moral Degrad...

  SYED AHMED MUZAKKIR, the newly elected General Secretary of Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO), served the organisation in the last term as a National Secretary, member of CAC and Director of Centre for Educational Research and Training (CERT). … More


Inside India 31-Jan-2021

‘THREAT TO DEMOCRACY IF ED, CBI, RBI DO NOT ACT INDEPENDENTLY’: HC The Bombay High Court observed that if agencies like the Enforcement Directorate (ED), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and the judiciary, do … More


Muslim World 31-Jan-2021

JOHOR SULTAN ISSUES RELIGIOUS RESTRICTIONS FOR MUSLIMS Sultan Ibrahim Iskamdar, the king of Johar state in Malaysia,  who is also the head of Islam in the state, said that in order to comply with revived movement control order (MCO), several … More


Gleanings of Arabic Press 31-Jan-2021

Turkey-Israel Relations “Our relations with Israel at the level of intelligence cooperation have not been broken. But it is facing hurdles because of the people at the helm in the Israeli authority. This means that the reasons for the deterioration … More


Readers' Pulse 31-Jan-2021

      Cows Granted Life Protection, Not Buffaloes The Karnataka Assembly has passed a bill pertaining to prevention  of slaughter of cattle bill  but the legislation is clearly discriminatory. Finally, the State Government has  promulgated an ordinance banning  cow … More


Justice K M Yusuf Served with Unflinchin...

  By M.S. Qais   Whatever Justice Yusuf did, he did with unflinching dedication, commitment and with an enlightened and enlivened conscience. The personality of Justice Yusuf emerged like that of a shining star in 1980. The people of Bengal … More


Wealth and Arrogance Ends in Ruin

  By Sikandar Azam   The Qur’ān is the Book of Guidance. And it is for the purpose of guidance for mankind that this Final Book of God narrates stories of earlier nations. In Surah Qasas it presents a story … More