Sikh Massacre 1984 Anti Human Culture of Bloodshed

One of the major human weaknesses is selfishness which is the result of lack of fear of God, which leads to hatred, which when manipulated by clever leaders and more selfish human handlers, turns into murder and bloodshed. India, when … More


Our Classes will Reflect the Kind of Nation We Want to ...

    By OUR STAFF REPORTER Since we took charge we are working on the mandate of the Commission and this is our first annual conference and probably the first of its kind after the formation of the Commission. Our … More


To Forgive or to Seek Vengeance?

By DR. PARVEZ MANDVIWALA If someone has ever wronged you, hurt you or been unjust to you AND he refuses to apologise for it, you have two legitimate options of response – you can either choose to forgive that person … More


Indonesia’s Sunda Strait Tsunami Death Toll Touches 3...

  Death toll from the tsunami which hit Indonesia’s Sunda Strait on Saturday (December 22) night has risen to about 300, according to reports citing the country’s national disaster agency. The death toll may still increase as not all affected … More


Dr. Mir Ather Ali World Renowned Young Naturopathic phy...

By MOHAMMAD YACOOB Mir Akbar Ali and Sahebzadi Faizunissa received a phone call from Prof. Mir Arshad Ali, their younger son, informing them that his older brother Dr. Ather Ali’s health condition was deteriorating rapidly and has reached the critical … More


Muslim Voices: Perceptions of Policing in India

This is a summary of a report documenting the Muslims’ perceptions and experiences of policing in India. It is the result of a study conducted by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative and Quill Foundation, New Delhi. The study covers eight … More


Muslims Feel the Police is Biased against Them

By FAWWAZ SHAHEEN The overwhelming consensus is that Muslims feel the police is biased against them, that as ordinary Muslim citizens they cannot always trust the police to protect them and that being a Muslim means being more vulnerable to … More


Perils of Unbridled Prosperity

By S.M. YAHYA When we look at some noble and prosperous people, we tend to ponder over the efforts behind their prosperity. They are financially successful by virtue of their hard work, discipline and judicious use of their time and … More


Is There a Plot to Depopulate Palestinian Refugee Camps...

By Ramzy Baroud An eerie video composed of a recorded audio prayer and a photo of one ‘Hajj Jamal Ghalaini’ occasionally pops up on Facebook. The voice is that of an alleged religious sheikh, praying for the well-being of the … More


I Became Muslim Because of Jesus

By CATHERINE HOULIHAN I was born with an unshakable inquisitiveness that caused me to question everything, but there was one thing I never questioned, and that was the existence and power of God. My mother sometimes reminds me that as … More


Foods to Beat the Winter Chill

By SEEMA MALIK For most of us, winter is the most amazing season of the year and we always look for foods that are comforting and which can protect us from the cold temperature. It is relevant to keep in … More


INSIDE INDIA 30-dec-2018

AIMPLB TO APPROACH OPPOSITION PARTIES ON STALLING TT BILL The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has decided to approach opposition parties to ensure that the Triple Talaq ordinance is not cleared by the Parliament in the ongoing session. … More


MUSLIM WORLD 30-dec-2018

SWEDEN’S FIRST MP IN A HIJAB CHALLENGES SWING TO THE RIGHT Leila Ali Elmi, who arrived in the country aged two after her family fled civil war in Somalia, will make her parliamentary debut after winning a surprise victory in … More


READERS' PULSE 30-dec-2018

Rahul as PM K. Stalin has proposed Rahul Gandhi as the PM face for the next general election, which according to him is the best candidate for this job, whereas all other parties have disagreed with him with their own … More