An independent organization, called “The Board of Islamic Publications” started bringing out ‘Radiance Veiwsweekly’ in July, 1963. By the Grace of ALLAH and commitment of its sponsors and functionaries, Radiance Viewsweekly is the only Muslim paper in India which has struck roots. The sapling planted 50 years ago has now grown into a banyan tree.

Following are the eight objectives with which the Board of Islamic Publications launched its campaign for bringing out an English Viewsweekly – Radiance – 1963.

Remove the prevailing misunderstanding about Islam and present its message in its true light and propagate its teachings.
Religious and social reform of Muslims.
Proper guidance of Muslims in the light of the principles of Islam in relation to those special problems which they face as a cultural unit.
Counteract irresponsible and false propaganda against the Muslim community, and awaken the country’s social conscience in regard to its difficulties and problems by presenting the real perspective.
Fair and impartial presentation of the Islamic stand-point with regard to the country’s political, economic and cultural problems and educate public opinion to discard regional, linguistic and communal prejudices in favour of a humanitarian and national outlook.
Help eradicate moral laxity, corruption and other social evils and check the tendency towards violence and intolerance.
Champion the just cause of the various religious, cultural and linguistic minorities and other weak and down-trodden sections of the society.
Strengthen the democratic forces in the country as against the totalitarian and fascist, protest against any violation of the Fundamental Rights granted by the Constitution, and specially to safeguard the principle that the State shall not discriminate against any citizen on religious ground.
Thus, in the post-independence India, Radiance is the only successful experiment in purposeful Muslim Journalism in English. It has been progressing year after year, with its free and frank analysis of events, lucid criticism and candid comments and informative and instructive features and articles on Islamic ideology.

The Radiance Viewsweekly has now come to be regarded as the voice of Indian Muslims. It has succeeded in establishing a rapport with the majority community.

The Radiance is relied upon by research scholars even in the west as the authentic source material, reference and authority. It circulates not only in and around India but in Europe, America, Africa, East Asia and the Arab world.

We have a glorious history of bringing out Special Issues on topical subjects since our inception in 1963.