• Migrant Labourers are Backbone of Industries

    21 Oct 2018 |

    By MOHD. NAUSHAD KHAN Labourers are an important component of an industry and migrant labourers are more lucrative in terms of production, growth and profit. Primarily every industry focuses low-cost productivity, and maximum return. And for this, migrant labourers are … More

  • Agrarian Crisis Plaguing Our Economy

    14 Oct 2018 |

      By MOHD NAUSHAD KHAN Farmers are hitting the streets in the various parts of India to highlight agrarian crisis as we witness the plight of farmers and lackadaisical approach of the government and authorities concerned at regular intervals. Every … More

  • ADULTERY: SC Judgment Death-Knell for Family

    7 Oct 2018 |

    By DR. JAVED JAMIL The debate on the decriminalisation of homosexuality had not yet died down that the verdict resulting in decriminalisation of adultery has hit the headlines. So with the two “historical” verdicts in September 2018 on Homosexuality and … More

  • Suppression of Muslims in People’s Republic of China

    30 Sep 2018 |

    By DR. SIRAJ UR RAHMAN Suppression of Muslim minorities in China especially the Hui and the Uyghur Muslims is continuing unabated despite an international outcry by the Human Rights Watch and other agencies. China is relentlessly pursuing its policy of … More

  • Self-Regulation is No Regulation Republic TV’s refusal to apologise revives demand to tame private channels

    23 Sep 2018 |

      By SHAHEEN NAZAR With the Republic TV of Arnab Goswami-fame refusing to obey the orders of media regulatory body NBSA (National Broadcasting Standards Authority) to apologise for an objectionable broadcast, we are back to the question that Justice Markandey … More

Sex Predators Throw Them Out

India’s own #MeToo is on and has been lifting the veils from the faces of many celebrities. It first started in the film world which is not only a hub of performing arts but also a centre of immoral and … More

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