• Innocence at Stake

    24 May 2015 |

    Children shouldn’t have to sacrifice so that you can have the life you want. It is you who should make sacrifices so your children can have the life they deserve. After all, isn’t their innocence at stake? wonders ARSHAD SHAIKH … More


    17 May 2015 |

    ARSHAD SHAIKH analyses the two-hour interview of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the TIME magazine vis-à-vis the minorities in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a two-hour interview to the TIME magazine on the eve of completing one year … More

  • Strive for Socio-religious Equilibrium to Ensure Peace, Prosperity

    10 May 2015 |

    MOHAMMAD NAUSHAD KHAN analyses discrimination and atrocities against Dalits and Muslims in particular and other religious minorities in general, and urges them to strive for socio-religious equilibrium to ensure peace and justice in the country. Discrimination and atrocities against Dalits … More

  • The Most Wanted Terror Accused ‘Tunda’ Discharged in Three of Four Cases

    3 May 2015 |

    SYYED MANSOOR AGHA reports how Abdul Karim ‘Tunda’ was made the most wanted terror accused and how he now stands discharged in three of four cases slapped on him. The police statements and media reports made the nation believe that … More

  • Why Saffron is Bent upon Provoking Minorities?

    26 Apr 2015 |

    DR. S. AUSAF SAIED VASFI apprehends a design, an intention and a pernicious motive behind the rhetoric being made by the Saffron brigade, and feels dark clouds hovering over the national skyline. The Narendra Modi-led Government, not long ago, released … More

No Muslims, Not Even Their Names

Verbal terrorism has been rampant in the country since change of guard in New Delhi. It has been stoking hatred, spoiling communal atmosphere and vitiating inter-community relations. We have a plethora of hate-filled anti-minorities communal organisations. As if it was … More

They Wander about…

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Help the Oppressor

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