• Why Saffron is Bent upon Provoking Minorities?

    26 Apr 2015 |

    DR. S. AUSAF SAIED VASFI apprehends a design, an intention and a pernicious motive behind the rhetoric being made by the Saffron brigade, and feels dark clouds hovering over the national skyline. The Narendra Modi-led Government, not long ago, released … More

  • Courts and Social Justice Litigation

    19 Apr 2015 |

    RAJINDAR SACHAR analyses Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s diatribe of Judiciary being influenced by five star social activists, and calls it a cheap joke and uncalled for. Prime Ministers Modi’s gratuitous diatribe of Judiciary being influenced by five star social activists … More

  • WAR IN YEMEN The Duplicity of Western Approach

    12 Apr 2015 |

    DR. JAVED JAMIL brings into light the duplicity of Western approach in the intervention they make in the Middle East and urges the Muslim World to present its united front to the world to ensure peace in the region. Yemen … More

  • Netanyahu the Mythbuster ‘Special Relationship’ No More

    5 Apr 2015 |

    RAMZY BAROUD analyses the outcome of Israeli elections vis-à-vis the sufferings of Palestinians as well as the continuing siege and occupation of Palestine.   Imagine if an American presidential candidate made a plea to his supporters on election day with … More

  • A Building with a Difference

    29 Mar 2015 |

      PROFESSORU MUHAMMAD IQBAL depicts how K’abah, other mosques and the entire earth, which is a miniature mosque, reverberate the Glory of Allah the Exalted round the clock. Oversimplification is a fallacy. Evaluation of an identity without a holistic and … More

The Politics of Fake Encounters

Police system is vital to smooth functioning of a government. It is expected to help maintain law and order, which subsequently contributes to prevailing of peace, in a country. But, thanks to the colonial-tinged training of our police personnel coupled … More

2 Drops and 2 Marks

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