• Islam and Rationalism

    1 May 2016 |

    SYED KAZIM analyses rationalism and asserts that Islam is the most rational religion on the face of the earth. Rationalism is the view that “regards reason as the chief source and test of knowledge” or “any view appealing to reason … More

  • Is This the Bangladesh that Freedom Fighters Fought for in 1971?

    24 Apr 2016 |

    MUHAMMAD MOLLA analyses the situation prevailing in Bangladesh and holds that the rule of law and democratic principles and thus the founding principles of Bangladesh have been abandoned for something altogether more sinister. I was born six years after the … More

  • Democracy and Human Rights under Attack in Bangladesh

    24 Apr 2016 |

    By ABDULLAH AL-AHSAN Even though not on a scale comparable to Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan, the South Asian Muslim-majority country Bangladesh has witnessed hundreds of extrajudicial killings in the street and in police custody as well as many dozens of … More

  • The Role of Media in the Rise of Trump

    17 Apr 2016 |

    Let the media treat Trump not as a disease but as a symptom, suggests SHAIK UBAID The media has finally started to focus on its own role in the rise of Donald Trump. The focus is still not sharp though. … More

  • Quadruple Filter Theory of Testing

    10 Apr 2016 |

    SYED KAZIM presents why and how Allah may test man and how man may pass tests in life.   Allah says in the Qur’ān, “Verily, We created man from a drop of mingled sperm so that We may test him; … More

Mother of All Evils, Throw It Out

Every right thinking person, who values human dignity and morality is against alcohol. Almost all states of Indian Federation have imposed partial restrictions on manufacturing and sale of this dangerous brew. Yet the fear of losing a big source of … More

Refutation of Shirk

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