• Rohingyas Deserve Compassion, Not Deportation

    8 Oct 2017 |

    UN being a global body must urgently play a critical role in the establishment of peace in Rakhine region in Myanmar and end the genocide, opines SIRAJ UR RAHMAN New Delhi has decided to deport nearly 40,000 Rohingya Muslims to … More

  • Let’s Strive to Save the Rohingyas

    8 Oct 2017 |

    By Firasha Shaikh The Indian Government is planning to deport the 40,000 Rohingya refugees currently residing in India, who have recently escaped from ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. The petition favouring the Centre’s stand along with the PIL filed against deportation … More

  • U.S. to Remain in Rich Afghanistan That has Mineral Resources Worth $1 Trillion

    1 Oct 2017 |

    The neo-East India Company of the 21st century has arrived. Mohammad Yacoob unravels how Ashraf Ghani’s government will hand over Trump-East-India Company the rights for extracting rare-earth minerals on a silver platter. In July 2017, the President of the United … More

  • Bullet Train a Misplaced Priority Improving Health of Ailing IR is Nation’s Urgent Need

    24 Sep 2017 |

    In the light of rising cases of train derailments in the recent weeks, Syyed Mansoor Agha underlines the need for improving the health of ailing Indian Railways rather than giving priority to introducing bullet trains. Amidst the railway mishaps turning … More

  • Baba Ram Rahim A Story of Crime and Cruelty

    17 Sep 2017 |

    By DHIRAJ A special CBI court at Panchkula has sentenced Baba Ram Rahim to 20 years jail after convicting him for raping two of his minor followers at his Dera that was called Dera Sacha Sauda. He was convicted in … More

Bullet Train’s Thrill and Indian Travellers’ Plight

Scores of deaths in train derailments during the last few months and the recent stampede on the narrow over bridge in Elphinstone road suburban station in Mumbai have brought to sharp focus the conditions of rail travel in India. Ours … More

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