• Is Israel Pushing for a Palestinian Civil War?

    18 Sep 2016 |

    From Lieberman’s viewpoint, the opportunity must be ripe for refining and re-imposing the ‘Village Leagues’. Whether it works in its original form or fails, it makes no difference, since the idea is to engender further division among Palestinians, sow social … More

  • Mir Quasem's Execution Based on a Flawed Trial

    11 Sep 2016 |

    TOBY CADMAN, Mir Quasem Ali’s International Legal Counsel, avers how the Bangladesh Government have further espoused a very particular kind of ‘victor’s justice’, and highlighted to the international community how a flawed transitional justice model is especially dangerous. Today, 3 … More

  • UNITED STATES from the Sykes-Picot Borders to the Walls of Blood

    4 Sep 2016 |

    Focusing solely on Iraq as a model, DR. MOHSEN MOHAMMED SALEH avers that American policymakers, after one hundred years of the Sykes-Picot agreement, are trying to draw borders not seen before on maps. Those who believe that the United States … More

  • Are We Truly Independent?

    28 Aug 2016 |

    MEENAZ BHANU analyses that even after decades-long Independence, the people are still bereft of all the rights they should have in true sense and its adverse impact on our society. 15th August known as “Independence day”, is a day when … More

  • QUALITY EDUCATION Challenges and Solutions

    14 Aug 2016 |

    DR. MOHAMMAD AIJAZ analyses the factors posing challenges to the quality of education and suggests solutions thereto. India has the second largest higher education system in the world. The expansion of primary education in India over the last decade has … More

Injustice doesn’t Bode Well for the Nation

Politicians crave for popularity and want to have ever larger following. More so, they want to lead the masses the way they like, right or wrong. This is nothing short of befooling the masses. But they forget rather miserably that … More

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