• Modi’s ‘Surgical Strikes on Black Money’ will Trap Only Small Fish

    20 Nov 2016 |

    Dr. Javed Jamil analyses the effect of demonetisation of Rs. 500 and 1000 notes on corruption and black money. While Prime Minister Modi’s “surgical strikes” against “Black Money” cannot be faulted for making it public, the strikes are bound to … More

  • Why Palestinians Want to Sue Britain 99 Years since the Balfour Declaration

    13 Nov 2016 |

    It seems that the next year will witness a significant tug of war regarding the Balfour Declaration, the 100th anniversary of which will be commemorated on November 02, 2017. But who is Balfour, what is the Balfour Declaration and why … More

  • When Pluralism Wins, Communalism Falters

    6 Nov 2016 |

    MOHAMMED ANEEZ portrays how in the charged scenario prevailing in and around Coimbatore the peace-loving women belonging to the majority community along with social activists raised the banner of pluralism and made communalism lose the ground.   India is a … More

  • Ayodhya Tells a Tale of Remarkable Coexistence

    30 Oct 2016 |

    As the nation prepares to mark the 24th anniversary of the demolition of historic Babri Masjid, M S QAIS writes that despite nefarious activities being undertaken by rogue elements, Ayodhya has been placing before the whole world a unique example … More

  • They should First Set Their Own House in Order

    23 Oct 2016 |

    SYED EHSANUL HAQUE HASANI analyses the ongoing debate on triple talaq and the sinister design to abrogate Muslim Personal Law. The hullabaloo raised about Triple Talaq among Muslims is a senseless, useless and futile exercise.  First, it has nothing to … More

Donald Trump The President of U S A

A country which broke the chains of British colonialism two centuries back and had Abraham Lincoln as its founding father has chosen Donald Trump: these are the ups and downs in the life of a nation. It was the right … More

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